Surge in Romanian rough sleepers – i.e. homeless

Romanians sleeping rough on Park Lane, one of London’s most expensive streets Photo: Warren Allott

The number of Romanians sleeping rough in London has almost trebled since controls on migrants from the country were lifted a year ago this week.

A total of 490 Romanians were counted sleeping in the capital’s streets or parks, according to new figures from the Greater London Authority’s Chain database, covering the period from June to September 2014.

This compares with 173 in the last quarter of 2013, before restrictions ended. In some parts of London, almost half of all rough sleepers are Romanian.

Alp Mehmet, the vice-chairman of Migration Watch, said: “This backs up everything we have said about the rise in Romanian arrivals since the lifting of the restrictions. The requirement that migrants, including EU migrants, must be able to support themselves remains in force and should be enforced.”

The rough sleeping figure includes the well-known group of about 40 Roma beggars who congregated at Marble Arch, but the new data show the problem is far more widespread…

  • Pete_Brewster

    Meanwhile, back in the old country, the satirical press reports that a gypsy turned in a wallet he had found on the street with the equivalent of 5000 euro in it.

    Asked to explain his honesty, he claimed he was tempted to keep the wallet, but his conscience would not allow him to take any money he had not stolen by the sweat of his brow. It seems his grandfather’s last words had been, “There is no substitute for hard theft.”

    Happy ending, though, just before Times New Roman went to press. Our hero waited at the police station until the wallet’s owner came to collect it, and upon seeing the owner emerge picked the man’s pocket honestly.

    (Adapted from: )