Stereotyped Muslims attack candlelight vigil on Salman Taseer’s death anniversary to counter Islam’s violent image

Wow it’s like a plague of mental illness is sweeping the Muslim world! Thank goodness this has nothing to do with Islam!

A group of religious zealots today attacked civil society members and journalists during a candlelight vigil held here to mark the death anniversary of former Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, who was gunned by his guard for supporting changes in controversial blasphemy law.

The mob armed with sticks and bricks attacked the participants of the vigil, including women at the famous Liberty Roundabout here.

They also attacked media persons and damaged their vans.

Over a dozen people, including journalists, suffered minor injuries in the incident.

“The beard men reached the spot on four vehicles and attacked the participants with sticks. They also torn Taseer’s portrait and smashed his pictures under their feet,” a journalist, who was present during the vigil, said.

Taseer, who was known for his liberal views, was gunned down on January 4, 2011, in Islamabad by his police guard Mumtaz Husain Qadri for calling the controversial blasphemy laws “black” and supporting a Christian woman who was handed down a death sentence by a Pakistani court for blasphemy.

  • simus1

    muslim fanatics like to kill people and break stuff.
    Inbred feeble brains like theirs tend to stick to the basics.

  • Mal

    The adherents of The Mental Illness of Peace doing what they do best.

    • winniec

      Doing what they do best? Which ? 1) taqiyya ? or 2) kill ?

      • Mal

        Yes; and, yes.
        In fact, as long as the verb is associated with harm to another, you can confidently lengthen that list, Winnie.

  • winniec

    Stop behaving like Muslims!

    Jihad has NOTHING TO DO with Islam.

  • Frau Katze

    Pakistan must have the highest crackpot Islamoloon ratio of all the Muslim countries.

    It’s simply full of them.

    • Mal

      Cousin Marriage: Not just morally bereft of value; but genetically and psychologically!