Radical Islam, Nihilist Rage

“…These are explosive issues and need addressing carefully. The trouble is, this debate remains trapped between bigotry and fear. For many, the actions of groups like the Islamic State or the Taliban merely provide ammunition to promote anti-Muslim hatred.

Many liberals, on the other hand, prefer to sidestep the issue by suggesting that the Taliban or the Islamic State do not represent “real Islam” — a claim made recently, in so many words, by both President Obama and David Cameron, the prime minister of Britain. Many argue, too, that the actions of such groups are driven by politics, not religion.

Neither claim is credible. A religion is defined not just by its holy texts but also by how believers interpret those texts — that is, by its practices. The ways in which believers act out their faith define that faith. The fact that Islamist extremists practice their religion in a manner abhorrent to liberals does not make that practice less real.

Nor does it make sense to think of the Taliban or the Islamic State as motivated simply by politics, any more than it does to imagine them as purely religious. Radical Islam is the religious form through which a particular kind of barbarous political rage expresses itself.”

  • The_Infidel_01

    Silly fellow, he thinks islam has only been doing this for the last few decades. Islam has been at this since its inception, long before the so called “west” had any real influence on anything.

  • The_Infidel_01

    I would also have to add, the Buddhist monks did not start a muslim removal program until the muslims started a murderous campaign against the Buddhists.

    • Pete_Brewster

      No. All the examples he lists of non-Muslim aggression are responses to Muslim provocation. Of course Christians in CAR and Burmese Buddhists are taking out Muslim trash. Better hajji than them.

  • Brett_McS

    Attacking Political Islam (to use Bill Warner’s formulation) is not attacking anyone’s religion; it is attacking a political system that relegates non-adherents of Islam to third class status.

  • pdxnag

    Some folks display their morally superior rage by trying to bury their head in granite. The 40 percent of Islamic law that is not dedicated to murder and mayhem against the unbeliever and insufficiently vigorous believer must fully extinguish all the rest, it just must.

  • pdxnag

    An enlightened anti-Imperialist anti-Colonialist thinker would surely find Islamic/Arabic Imperialism and Colonization at least as repugnant as anyone else labelled as such? The violence is from tyrants that hate Western style freedom more than the “West,” even if it is found somewhere not defined as the West.

    I can’t make sense of the gibberish from Kenan Malik, can you?

    • Doug Kursk

      According to leftist thinking, the only Imperialism that is bad is Western imperialism. All other forms are open to ‘interpretation’…

      One can be an Oriental or Arab Imperialist, or a murderous Communist despot, and you will never be looked down upon as much as someone who brought literacy, clothing and the wheel to some backwards shit hole that was (more than likely) better left forgotten.

      Murder millions, forget to invent a written language and consume the seed corn. Do this all while dancing around the proverbial boiling soup cauldron and you are still better than some old pasty faced white man who made a bob or two selling the bananas that would have dropped and rotted with nary a thought by the native folk.

      Cultural appropriation, huh? Dear world: feel free to give mine back anytime you wish to return to the Bronze Age.

      • ntt1

        Interesting that western feminism stung, perhaps ,by critisism of its silence on third world womens issues like sex slavery, FGM and relegation to second class status.,Has now started to claim that any critisism of muslim treatment of females is to be considered Cultural Imperialism and not to be discussed. Convienient Eh?

  • Is the pope a Catholic? Do bears poop in the woods? Is ISIS Islamic? Is Obama a Muslim?

  • Pete_Brewster

    Moral and philosophical framework of anti-colonial movements, he says? What moral framework? All these ever were were “raging at the world” by people who didn’t appreciate the gifts brought to them by Western civilization.

    Murdering Jews and taking their gold—or in the absence of actual Jews, anybody who by God’s grace and their own honest toil wasn’t living from one bottle of rotgut to the next—wasn’t merely a horrifying side effect of socialism. Auschwitz—along with the killing fields from Camp 22 to Democratic Kampuchea—was the whole point of socialism. And it is the whole point of Islam.

    That Muslim princes in ages past figured out that they needed to keep some Jews and Christians around to keep tax payments coming in is beside the point. Even Lenin abandoned full-strength socialism when it became clear Soviet Russia was running out of the food required to feed the Red Army. Lenin’s only moral consideration there was regarding how best to keep his head free of bullet holes.