PEGIDA Video Calls For Mass Mobilization Jan 5 In Multiple German Cities

Berlin, Dresden, Cologne, Kassel, Wurzburg

“Since October 2014 every Monday, thousands of people demonstrate in Dresden peacefully against the increasing alienation of our homeland. Gathered on the first Monday demonstration for 350 participants, the number grew from demonstration to demonstration last 20,000. While the call for change is getting louder and the protests spread to other cities, followed by the policy so far only defamation. Therefore go into the new year on the road. Let’s go on 5 January 2015 18:30 clock at the Cockerwiese. More information on the network’s under

  • Hooray for Germany and Europe.

  • simus1

    Murkel the proTurkel is so full of it.

    • ntt1

      murkel the turkel?

      • simus1

        I try.

        • ntt1

          Thats quite the picture of her, she looks like an advert for constipation remedies. Apparently she is as she looks; a cold cheerless, fireplug of a woman.

  • Denis George Miller

    hopefully merkel will start to listen to GERMANS instead of her mossie friends from ISIS

    • Pete_Brewster

      I can dream too. Unfortunately, unlike the GDR, Comrade Erika’s government can still borrow at near zero interest rates, and can cheefully scare up the men, guns and ammo to solve the problem of PEGIDA Tiananmen style if necessary.

      Putin can’t return to Dresden fast enough.

  • The people are speaking.

    Anyone listening?

    May the European liberal elites shake in their boots.

  • edlancey

    Once a commie, always a commie.