I love to be individual, to step beyond gender. — Annie Lennox

The suicide of Joshua Alcorn on December 28, 2014 marked the tragic end of his young life. He was sixteen years old. His suicide has attracted world wild attention as he published a suicide note on Tumblr in which he related the stress of suffering gender dysphoria (he felt he was a girl living in a boy’s body). This stress was too much for him to bear so he opted for suicide. He adopted the name Leelah in his suicide note. He leaves behind his grieving parents, younger siblings and the rest of those who knew and loved him. Details are emerging as to the stress he endured and a degree of dysfunction in his family. He came from Christian family; his parents (Doug and Carla Alcorn) did not understand what he was experiencing and essentially told him to “pray it away.” He said in his suicide note that his parents sent him to conversion therapy for treatment. Compounding this tragedy is the lynch mob mentality that has taken hold. Doug and Carla Alcorn are experiencing harassment, even a call from activist Dan Savage that they face prosecution.

Is this warranted?