Hamas Cancels Online Order After Misunderstanding ‘Blow-Up Dolls’ – humour

Gaza City, January 2 – The Islamist movement that controls the Gaza Strip urgently sought to undo an order it placed with an online vendor after discovering that the blow-up toys in the order were in fact inflatable, and not explosive.

Izzedine-el-Kassam Brigades purchasing coordinator Ayma Ful purchased hundreds of blow-up dolls via an online business operating via the e-commerce giant Amazon, thinking them the perfect toy to plant in Israeli preschools or playgrounds and wreak havoc.

But this morning he saw the order confirmation in his inbox, and realized something was amiss. Instead of innocent-looking dolls of the sort clutched by little girls, the list of items included a case of 200 inflatable, life-size dolls of the sort generally associated with lonely, libidinous men…

  • Canadian

    Do they also make inflatable goats?
    Just askin`.

    • Frau Katze

      I’ve never heard of them, but it’d be an idea.

  • eMan14

    I guess they were going for the wrong kind of blow. Next they will be going after the Popeye “blow me down” doll.

  • ntt1

    there are inflatable sheep available, that and a small pot of lanolin should bring a smile to the most hardened jihadi

  • Minicapt

    If he could find the instructions, members of his Brigades could achieve individual measures of contentment.