Greenfield: The Two Empires We Must Defeat

Somali Muslims pray on a field in Minneapolis

There is a thread that connects many of our conflicts, whether it’s the one against terrorism or the one between the Republican establishment and its conservative insurgency. To win a war, we have to understand the nature of the conflict and how we got there. And that’s often the missing piece.

The left blames imperialism for our conflict with terrorists. And it’s right. Just not in the way that it thinks.

Empires may be expansionist, but they’re also tolerant and multicultural. They have to be, since out of their initial phase they have to enlist the cooperation and services of subjects from a variety of cultures and religions. An empire may initially be fueled by the talents and skills of a core nation, but as it reaches its next phase, it begins sacrificing their interests to the larger structure of empire…

…The Empire of International Law needs Muslim immigrants even if its people don’t, because it envisions integrating them and their countries into this arrangement and rejects national interests as narrow-minded and nativist…

…To empires, people are interchangeable. If the natives have a low birth rate and a long lifespan, then workers with high birth rates and lower lifespans are brought in to replace them. If the natives are reluctant to pay higher taxes, immigrants from countries that are fine with voting for high taxation are imported. That is how empires, not nations, do business.

This is what the political establishment in most countries believes. This is what tearing them apart…

  • Mal

    A flock of arses aching for a boot.

    • winniec

      A regiment of misogynistic, imperialistic jihadists worshipping stones half way across the world and pledging to murder disbelievers in their empire.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    People should give a blank check for war. Remember the Iraq debacle. Remember the lies to get into Libya. Remember the constant lies about Syria and the use of weapons by Assad with no proof I might add. The fact is the West uses lies and deception to get into war. When will people realize that the US has to have war since it is a huge part of its economy and both parties are subject to that. The Democrats under Obama have launched 7 wars. Bush launched 4. The fact is whether you call the Democrats left wing or centre-left the mainstream in America is war on demand. People complain but both parties have those pro-war factions in them and fear guides them.

    Frankly it is time for a little transparency and accountability because that is the least we deserve.

    Here is also the honest truth. If the nation is going to go to war the media stays silent and the right wing media complains. The outcomes are the same in the end either way. That tells you all you need to know about the mainstream media in most Western nations. They are fine with war. That is why to me and many others I know centre-left, right, centre, centre-right they mean nothing unless things truly change.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      I mean people shouldn’t* give a blank check for war. Sorry my bad!

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        The point is this left/right nonsense appears for show when the parties that are mainstream in the West give the trappings of difference when people definitely think all parties are the same! People long for change but refuse to vote minor party due to the lack of being educated on the 10 to 13 parties that are minor. Good job media you continue supporting the political class just like Sun News.

    • Frau Katze

      People like me made a sad mistake supporting the Iraq war in 2003. But I did it because I thought, and was encouraged some ex-pat Iraqis, that it was the humane thing to do. Kanan Makiya’s two book would make your hair curl, as he described the cruelty of Saddam Hussein.

      But what I didn’t know then (but do know now) that there was no chance of this working. Due to the tribal/clan structure of Iraq, plus the Sunni/Shia and Arab/Kurd splits made Western-style democracy impossible. Bad as Saddam was, our intervention could not improve things.

      But I didn’t know how their society was structured, because it was never written about. I discovered it years later.

      As for people like Makiya, he was an outlier (I later found out that although born and raised in Baghdad his mother was English). In other words, a very unconventional family for the era (he was born in the 1940’s). His family later left for England and exile. Makiya did not know his own society that well.

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        I am however supportive of a Kurdistan being established as it can bring peace to a region that needs nations that stand as buffer zones and can provide stability in a volatile region. I have come around since the last time the subject of Kurdistan was brought up. So ya it seems like a good idea and not too many people are talking about it these days. Iraq right now I feel is a failed state. Hopefully Assad’s Syria won’t suffer the fate of being divided. Not that I am majorly supportive of him; I just feel Assad kept the nation together.

  • Frau Katze

    The difference between right and left really IS getting blurry

    The left and the right establishments pretend that they have two very different sets of ideas about the world. They have the same set of ideas, one is a more extreme version of the other. The left fights its own heresies much more fiercely than it does the right. Its rhetoric about imperialism is a rejection of its former ideas about empire for its more radical empire.

    And we do not want either empire. What we must have is an end to empires and the rise of nations. Only nations that answer to the national interests of their people can stand against the savage barbarian migrating tide.

    • This is why we have to end the Ponzi scheme of mass immigration and expose the lie of multiculturalism. We have lost control of our own destiny to politicians and bureaucrats.

  • Xavier

    A brilliant and insightful article. I feel so stupid for not having seen what is now glaringly obvious, especially why modern governments support illegal immigrants.

    Read it, and then read it again.

  • Very true analysis. I always thought Britain would not have its immigration problem if it had not ruled Pakistan, France would not have its problem if it had not ruled North Africa, and so forth. To every action there is naturally an equal an opposite reaction. Which is why Israel has never been too keen on conquering the Mid-East, as it could have. But of course today what is going on is much worse – just socialist and capitalist internationalism, really, moving people around like economic pawns, wishing to abolish all territorial lines. This is delusional, bound to result in anarchy and then evil dictatorships like the Islamic.