Fatah image shows Netanyahu ready for hanging at ICC

An image posted to the Fatah official Facebook page on January 3, 2015, showing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu next to a noose. (screen capture: Palestinian Media Watch/Facebook)

An official website run by the political party of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas posted an image on Saturday showing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu next to a hangman’s noose with the phrase “coming soon.”

The image came days after Palestinian officials applied for membership in the International Criminal Court in the Hague. It was flagged by Israel-based watchdog Palestinian Media Watch.

The image was displayed on Fatah’s official Facebook page and included a logo of the ICC.

On Friday the PA submitted paperwork to join the ICC in a unilateral move strongly opposed by Israel and the US. Joining the ICC could open the way for the PA to sue Israel or IDF soldiers in the ICC on charges of war crimes.

Netanyahu has vowed to protect IDF soldiers from being prosecuted at the court…