Czech MP: Walk your pigs near mosques

Prague, Jan 3 (ČTK) — Tomio Okamura, who heads the Czech opposition Dawn of Direct Democracy movement, has called on people on Facebook to bother Muslims in the Czech Republic by “walking pigs” in the vicinity of mosques, for example, which, he emphasised, is no incitement to intolerance.

The Dawn discussed the text of the appeal with lawyers before releasing it, he told the server.

In the past, Okamura repeatedly asserted that he is not a xenophobe, in spite of his controversial statements about Romanies and foreigners in the Czech Republic…

h/t Iron Burka

  • Brett_McS

    I’ve never seen a pet pig, although I hear they are quite intelligent and make good pets.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Europe is going into the toilet due to politicians that are trying to enrich themselves on the system that they broke down.

    I would like to ask what agenda will be different from these anti-Islam parties because they have the same economic policies as the parties that came before them yet the only thing that differs is their anti-immigration and anti-Islam factions which is only used to get into power but still continue the EU system.

    That is interesting and is a question that has to posed to many people that support the anti-Islam parties. What I think has to occur is a return to the models of economics we had pre-Thatcher and pre-Reagan which were nations that were state capitalist like China. You could argue that China and Russia are more capitalist than we are.

    Don’t forget corporatism which I believe we have allows big business and corporations to use taxpayer money when they fail which all Western nations had in 2007-08 at the time of the financial crisis. How are these parties going to fix the messes of the mainstream unless they want to continue the privatizing the assets and socializing the losses mentality. Which is why nationalist parties tend to favour going down the route of having real wealth for nations instead of this near zero interest rate policy that most Western nations are following.

    These are a few questions I have and they definitely need answering because it seems like these anti-Islam parties are just riling people up and are for blocking real nationalist parties from gaining or going into power and they continue much of the current economic and trade policies. Unless people are alright with corporatist policies.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      Seems more of a distraction than actually caring about the nation-state itself.

    • Minicapt

      Billy Bob is a hoarder. He’s been accumulating collectables (or drek as his wife Golda calls them) for many, many years. His study is full to overflowing with them.
      One night, as he and Golda get into bed, Billy Bob says, “I’ve been thinking, Golda. If I were to suddenly die, God forbid, I would like you to do something for me.”
      “And what is that?” asks Golda, looking bored.
      “I would want you to sell everything that I’ve collected over these past 20 years. Will you promise me that you’ll do that?”
      “But why would you want me to sell your drek?” asks Golda. “You’ve always told me how precious and important they all are.”
      “They are,” says Billy Bob “But when I die, no doubt you’ll immediately start looking for another man. Eventually you’ll marry him and I don’t want some shmuck holding my collectables in his grubby little hands.”
      “And what makes you think I’d marry another shmuck?” says Golda.


  • Brett_McS

    Through work I have a lot of dealings with the Czechs. I think of them as Aussie-Germans. They are as smart and hard working as Germans, but have a more irreverent spirit towards authority.

    • Frau Katze

      This guy certainly had that spirit.

    • winniec

      The Czechs are ahead of the Germans. The Germans will follow.

  • winniec

    Black dogs work too. Also donkeys. Also Jews and women. By walking past praying Muslims with any of those, Islamic prayer becomes doo doo before Allah. They have to start over. Ahhhh…tough.

    • Blacksmith

      Then we need to start a parade 5 times a day and they won’t have time for jihad?

  • Blacksmith

    It most definitely is an incitement to violence, it is jut that it will be the pisslamist who will violently react to the pigs and their owners not the pigs and owners being violent. It really is a capital idea.