Because Black Lives REALLY, REALLY Matter, Especially in Israel!

I’m not sure exactly how many black Jews have been killed by the police in Israel, but it’s obviously enough to spur a “March to Jerusalem” by self-described “African Jews”.

I have nothing to add, except for this…

Oh, and there is this: Because “context” is the evil thinking of the White man.



  • Warren Raymond

    Yeah yeah yawn! They are African “Jews” just like Obama is a christian. All they want is us to pay for imaginary “white guilt”.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    David Sheen is a notorious Israel hater. The African “Jews” shown are migrants who sneaked across the Egyptian border before Israel sealed it. The real African Jews (Ethiopians) are far more fully integrated according to a business associate who visited there last year.

    • Blacksmith

      I am seeing a trend here with those who identify as African-???
      I think they should all be sent back to Africa.