Arab MK raises Palestinian flag on Temple Mount

Ahmad Tibi holds a Palestinian flag atop the Temple Mount, January 3, 2015 (photo credit: Channel 2 / Tamar Abidat)

Ahmad Tibi said to call Al-Aqsa Mosque the ‘crown jewel of Jerusalem, which will be the capital of Palestine’

Ahmed Tibi, an Arab-Israeli Knesset member, raised the Palestinian flag on the Temple Mount.

Tibi on Saturday led a procession of hundreds of eastern Jerusalem Palestinians to the site in honor of the birthday of the prophet Muhammad.

The United Arab List-Taal party lawmaker called for “an end to the occupation” and said that “the procession sends a message of liberty and peace and a desire to shake free the burden of the occupation in order to gain a normal and free life.”

He called the Al-Aqsa Mosque, where the procession ended, “the crown jewel of Jerusalem, which will be the capital of Palestine,” Ynet reported…

  • Pete_Brewster

    Jerusalem is not the capital of Palestine, which does not exist, but is the eternal capital of Israel, to which Christ will return to judge the living and the dead—and, if it hasn’t pleased Him to see it done, destroy the abomination on the Temple Mount and raise up the Third Temple at last.

    Among His first acts as King of Israel will be to cast the Palis into the lake of fire and sulphur, and not a moment too soon.

    • winniec

      Indeed. No country of ‘Palestine’ ever existed. The British Protectorate of Palestine was designated in 1920 as the future homeland of Jews.
      This flag in the politician’s hands is the identical flag of Jordan minus a star.
      Facts contradict the ‘Palestinian’ fantasy. This fantasy was created in Moscow in the 1960s.

      • luna

        “This fantasy was created in Moscow in the 1960s.”

        Got references?

  • winniec

    Jews are not ‘occupying’ the legally designated Jewish Homeland of Israel. They are lawfully ‘living’ in their country.

    • luna

      The term “occupier” is telling, it reinforces the “Palestinians” raison d’être which is to to make the land Judenrein.

  • BillyHW

    If Jerusalem wasn’t sacred for Jews, than the muslims wouldn’t give a damn about it.

    • luna

      Perhaps “occupied territory”, and “occupier” are the terms of choice since the “Palestinians” raison d’être is to make the land Judenrein.

    • Frau Katze

      Nope, they would never have paid it much attention.

  • truthdareisay

    Too bad no one of us can kick him hard in his “crown jewels”

  • luna

    Article 99(a) of the Israel Criminal Code states, “If a person with intent to assist an enemy in war against Israel commits an act calculated to do so, he is liable to the death penalty or to life imprisonment.”

  • Mickey Oberman

    This is an outrageous insult to Israel.

    Tibi should be banned from the mount for life.

  • luna

    “Palazzi believes that Israel exists by divine right and that the Koran clearly states (Sura 5:21) that God granted the Land of Israel to the Children of Israel and ordered them to settle there. In addition, it is predicted that before the end of days, God will bring the Children of Israel to retake possession of the Land, gathering them from the different countries and nations (Sura 17:104). Oddly enough, Palazzi’s reading of the Koran is backed up by, of all sources, Al Qaida.”

    • Frau Katze