Al Jazeera ‘Voice of Qatar’ nags Europe and Canada about taking Syrian refugees

From today: Europe’s fear of Syria’s ghost boats

The ghost ships represent both a new tactic – using large cargo ships to move people in winter across longer crossing – and a new trend – that of the refugees coming from Syria. Last year some 230,000 people arrived illegally across the Mediterranean into the EU with Italy receiving the lion’s share of 160,000 whilst 3,500 people died trying to make the crossing. The UNHCR explained that in 2014 for the first time, people mainly from Syria “have become a major component in this tragic flow, accounting for almost 50 per cent of the total”.

The policy of the EU has largely been one of “Fortress Europe” characterised by the reduction of humanitarian support to sea born refugees and tighter border fences to the east. Whilst Syria’s neighbours have accepted the lion’s share of the over 3 million Syrian refugees Europe’s record remains dismal with a recent summit agreeing on only 33,000 more asylum cases.

EU policy is as adrift as many of the refugees who struggle to survive in the Med… Europe must look seriously into accepting larger asylum quotas and focus on giving the most vulnerable a legitimate means of getting to their shores…

Spotted at their site, from November, 2014: Canada’s closed door policy for Syrian refugees

A strange, ominous silence has engulfed Canadian refugee policy in the Middle East.

After three and a half years of bloody civil war in Syria, Canadian reaction to the conflict’s refugee crisis remains virtually inaudible, despite increasingly desperate pleas for help and a growing sense of urgency…

Qatar has been blamed for financing the Islamic fanatics that are making a solution impossible. They have also not taken in any refugees themselves.

Looks like a plan to Islamize the West.

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