Vox: Thousands of people in Sweden show the right way to respond to Islamophobia

Don’t touch my mosque.

It’s only January 2, but Sweden has already taken a strong lead in the competition for “most awesome country 2015” by showing how decent people should respond to Islamophobic violence. Thousands of people turned out in Stockholm today for a rally supporting Muslims, in response to arson attacks on three Swedish mosques last week.

A mosque in the city of Eskilstuna had been firebombed on Christmas day, injuring five worshippers inside. A few days later, a second mosque in the southern city of Eslov was damaged in a fire that police say they suspect was also arson. And on New Years day, a mosque in Uppsala was hit by a molotov cocktail, but did not catch fire.

The day after the Uppsala mosque was attacked, local residents “love bombed” it, covering the entrance of the building with paper hearts and messages of support.

The demonstration and “love bombing” were a powerful way for ordinary Swedes to reject racism and show support for Muslims. But the march also carried broader political significance, because it showed that Swedes felt a duty to publicly reaffirm the country’s identity as a place that is tolerant and welcoming towards immigrants.

In many countries, anti-immigrant populism dominates the public conversation about immigration not because it necessarily represents the majority view, but because people with more moderate and tolerant views don’t make it a priority to speak up publicly. These demonstrations suggest that Sweden may be different: thousands of people took to the streets to say that they are not willing to stay silent, and will not allow extremists to dominate the debate…

All this before it has even been established what cause the fire. It must be Islamophobia — why wait for the results of the investigation when you can churn out publicity like this. The sign reads “Don’t touch my mosque.”

  • Doug Kursk

    No doubt these same leftist protestors are out in force when a church is desecrated or after one of their women is raped by muslims..

    • Oh yea, huge turnouts!

    • WalterBannon

      no doubt

    • G

      How many of the people in the crowd were muslims themselves? The close up picture shows some white people but that doesn’t mean anything. They might have been the only ones there.

      You simply can’t trust the press.

      • Frau Katze

        Quite a few were Muzz, is my guess.

  • You should read this one is definitely not arson and it’s the one that made international headlines.

    “… lead investigator Franzell has now gone on the record with state-owned radio SR to fully retract his statement yesterday that the fire was the work of an arsonist.”


    • simus1

      He had better watch out.
      The “plays well with muslims” check mark on his annual promotion report could be about to disappear.

  • David

    Stockholm syndrome, beta males

  • Icebow

    All hijabs to be removed, then all muzz. Can’t be doing with them; don’t belong anywhere near so far north, if indeed anywhere.

    • ntt1

      they are in Iqualuit, a village in our far north now, the federal government is looking into shipping a mosk up there.

      • Icebow

        What good can it do them at this point in the Ramadan cycle? If in the midnight sun zone, they must go south or starve, and before that die of dehydration. Based on Saudi conditions.

        • ntt1

          good point , ramaden could end up being 5 months long. maybe mo hamed has given them a fatwa allowing them to follow a more southerly latitude.

          • Frau Katze

            That’s what they do. The ones in Canada’s far north follow Edmonton for Ramadan.

      • James Hamilton

        They already have their ‘Terrorist Training Centre’ (bloody pig mosque) in Inuvik, NWT since 2010. The mohammedan population stands at less than 100, but that doesn’t matters because ‘mosque’ is a political statement and a sign od dominance.
        And I am sure, as you mentioned, it must have been paid by the Federal Govt.

        • ntt1

          that is a comparatively huge percentage for such a tiny place, almost like an occupying army.

  • Dana Garcia

    I check the big front pages every morning and was not surprised to see a cutesy kid pic of a burned Swedish mosque on the NYTimes above the fold.


    • simus1

      NYT apparently also has some sort of “Immigration Doors Closing In Sweden” fantasy story on offer.

      • Frau Katze

        Yep. I didn’t post on it since it’s behind a paywall. Plus, there is free stuff saying the same thing. The idea of Sweden “door’s closing” is too ridiculous to even post about.

  • ntt1

    There was very little damage done,the only group with the nesessary levels of incompetance dure to illiteracy and basic ignorance are themselves muslim so it would be valuable to start the inquiries there.

  • cmh

    Has anyone pointed out to the idiots that it is not racism? Maybe they should just rent a few strategically placed billboards for this shocking news. They appear very uneducated in Sweden.

    • Frau Katze

      It would never be permitted! Only the US has free speech guarantees. Europe is rushing towards authoritarianism, including heavy duty censorship.

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        I thought the West was always about authoritarianism. You know the love affair with world wars, the wars on demand, the police state measures. What could be more authoritarian than that?! The fact is those complaining about free speech are only doing so on their terms not the terms for others. This is about attacking Islam when all religions should be the same. That is why secularism is the way to go but I am not in the business of hating faiths but I am just an average guy.

        • Billy Bob Thornton

          Sweden is not committing suicide as the Scandinavian countries are doing quite well in economic terms. It is shame that Western nations didn’t abandon following the US in their free trade measures and just didn’t go for economic nationalism and following the Nordic model. You know like Norway’s Statoil which is very profitable. But no we have to follow fear and nonsense like that. The US model is a failure.

        • Minicapt

          No, Billy, your aspiration is to become average.


      • Freedom

        Please keep in mind the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights are on temporary hold until after the 2016 US election .

  • Surele Surele

    Where are the signs: Don’t touch my church! or Don’t touch my synagogue!?

  • You can’t help the poor by destroying the rich.

    Sweden won’t help the less fortunate third worlders (Muslims) by destroying Sweden.

    The end result of Swedish liberal madness will be the civil war. Just look at what happened to Lebanon after the importation of a Muslim population.

    My Swedish grandparents must be rolling in their graves.

  • James Hamilton

    Sweden is doomed, as is rest of the Europe.
    So were we be if this nonsense is not stopped immediately.
    But there’s little hope for Canada & USA as our young generation has a complete apathy towards these issues, current affairs are of little interest to them, they are given to the lies of MSM & believes in their fictional stories like mythological backlash against muslims after every terrorist attack in the west. They are unaware & uninterested in learning truth about mohammedans & islam, for them they are the victims to be protected at all cost & western culture & whites are evil good to be destroyed.
    Honestly, sometime I get depressed after conversing with them as I see little hope for the future generations.

  • roccolore

    There is no “Islamophobia.” After a string of Muslims vandalising their own mosques, I’m certain of nothing/

  • Exile1981

    She is saying “look at my hand raised in peace” all the while her fellows are curcling behind to behead you.

  • Xavier

    “…a powerful way for ordinary Swedes to reject racism”

    Next year gheys, Progressives, and children will be races.