U.K. Criminalization of Speech Is Really Starting to Scare Me

unnamed-12Hopkins’ possibly criminally offensive statements shown above and at left.

Earlier this week, British reality TV star Katie Hopkins tweeted some fears about a Scottish Ebola patient coming to London for treatment. She’s now facing a criminal investigation.

“Inquiries are ongoing into the nature of these tweets and to establish any potential criminality,” a Scottish law enforcement official told the BBC. “Police Scotland will thoroughly investigate any reports of offensive or criminal behaviour online and anyone found to be responsible will be robustly dealt with.”

More than 25,000 people have signed an online petition calling for Hopkins to be charged over her “vile racist tweets.”

Hopkins is the latest in a recent line of high-profile “hate speech” cases in the U.K., where it’s illegal to use “threatening or abusive” words if they’re intended or likely to stir up “racial hatred” or hatred based on religion or sexual orientation…

  • Maggat

    I don’t see hatred by race, religion, or sexual disorientation. What I do see is a very frightening trend developing in the UK and elsewhere. Time to brush up on the Magna Carta old chaps.

    • Doug Kursk

      Time to polish the Blunderbuss up you mean…when words are deemed criminal by those that wish to oppress you, what will some chicken scratch on parchment do to save you?

      Magna Carta is a document of its time, and greatly misunderstood. It is best discussed in abstract when more immediate and pressing concerns for freedom have been addressed.

      Magna Carta has been used as the basis for a great deal of reform, warranted or not. What would stop the powers that be from using that document against the people?

      I fear the time for rational discussion and conciliatory gestures is fast coming to an end.

      • Maggat

        The Remington 870!

  • Rosenmops

    Scots are a different race??

    • Frau Katze

      It’s not even clear exactly what they’re complaining about. How about you?

      • Rosenmops

        Well I guess Katie Hopkins is a bit rude and obnoxious for calling this poor Ebola-stricken nurse a sweaty Glaswegian jock.

        But why the hell are the police involved? I guess the elites who run the UK are so terrified of the multicultural paradise they have created going sideways and breaking out in civil war that they are trying to control everyone’s speech. It is now against the law to insult someone.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          What is a “sweaty Glaswegian jock”?

          • 4

            A Jock is a nick name used to describe a Scottish person.
            Sweaty Sock is Cockney Rhyming Slang for Jock.
            She seems to have confused the two.

        • tom_billesley

          It isn’t the first time that the leftist twitter mob has been after her for being unkind to Scots. It prompted this piece in a Telegraph blog:
          [Link] Daily Telegraph blog, Toby Young, December 12, 2013

          The visceral hatred of Katie Hopkins shows why we need a First Amendment

    • tom_billesley

      They’re mostly a mix of anglo-saxon and celtic ethnicity, as are the people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Population replacement is underway, however.

      • Rosenmops

        Well underway, unfortunately.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The UK has become lawless in a very curious fashion.

    They have criminalized almost everything they can think of, and then through the mechanism of selective enforcement, can pursue a ‘make it up as they go along’ police state tactic against anyone they chose.
    Remember, the PROCESS is the punishment.

    They might as not have any laws and only arrest and charge those that displease the king.

    Dear residents of the UK, you are no-longer a free people.
    You have no other recourse.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Now that I think about it, the next time I have to transit through Heathrow, I’m probably screwed.
      Like totally. šŸ˜‰

  • Do they still send people to the Tower of London?

  • eMan14

    She’s an idiot. But it’s hardly a criminal matter. What is criminal is the savage curtailment of freedom of speech.

  • simus1

    Shouldn’t the complete official title be used by journos, i.e.:

    PoliceBullies/Thug/Filth ‘R Us

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Obviously, the Thought Police in merry olde Engleland are either too stupid or too lazy to crack open a copy of the Koran. Lazy or Stupid? I say both.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The response of course is to simply claim it’s an old and treasured Islamic tradition. All is forgiven.

  • 4

    Katie Hopkins writes a column for “The Sun” newspaper, which is good for cleaning windows, and as emergency toilet paper. Her whole career is based upon getting the progressives to fire up the outrage bus.
    She is also currently under investigation for calling a 20 stone lesbian unhealthy, which is apparently also a hate crime. She recently put on and lost 20kg to show the fatties how easy it was.
    Whenever she appears on a talk show debate the camera does not take long to focus on a member of the audience foaming at the mouth yelling abuse at her.
    All publicity is good publicity as they say.