Twitter and Facebook ‘allowing Islamophobia to flourish’ as anti-Muslim comments proliferate

Twitter and Facebook are refusing to take down hundreds of inflammatory Islamophobic postings from across their sites despite being alerted to the content by anti-racism groups, an investigation by The Independent has established.

The number of postings, some of which accuse Muslims of being rapists, paedophiles and comparable to cancer, has increased significantly in recent months in the aftermath of the Rotherham sex-abuse scandal and the murder of British hostages held by Isis.

I note the Muslims make no mention of the numerous Jihadi accounts on Twitter and FaceBook.


  • Exile1981

    I note that it’s only the people who complain about islamic based crimes who are being complained about and not those who call for more of said crimes.

  • jmlsmb

    The only people who aren’t Islamophobes are scaredy cat liberals.

    • Blacksmith

      Well they say you aren’t really paranoid if they really are trying to kill you, I think the same applies to pisslam. You cant be islamophobic if they are trying to kill or convert you.

  • The_Infidel_01

    I note that they don’t mention that if these companies actually did what they demand, no muslim would be able to have an account anywhere online, in any media what so ever.
    They need to police their own, before someone gets the idea to treat them as their fellow muslims treat non muslims in muslim majority countries.

  • Barrington Minge

    The only reason there are so many anti-mooslim comments is because of the behaviour of mooslims. It just isn’t rocket science people.

  • Allan

    Of course they make no mention of the Jihad accounts. That would be bad for their “image”.

  • cmh

    Yes, and watch for my new FB page which I really am going to start when I get time. I have been considering names but have not yet settled. ‘Islam’s Icon of Evil’ or similar will likely rest. It will not be open to comments and will only contain the facts which are of course very frightening.

  • MRHapla

    I ain’t ‘fraid a no Islam,,,,,,,,,,,,

    I do remain at a heighten vigilance against Islam, Muslims, their sympathizers, apologists, etc, etc

  • roccolore

    Fiyaz Mughal is a proven taqiyya artist.