Now That’s Muslim Tolerance… Turkey permits first new church in 90 years

“It is the first since the creation of the republic,” a government source told AFP Saturday.

“Churches have been restored and reopened to the public, but no new church has been built until now,” he added.

Turkey, which once had large Christian minorities, is now 99 percent Muslim, and critics of the ruling party AKP have accused it of trying to Islamicize its officially secular society.

However, as part of its bid to join the European Union Amlara has made efforts to widen minority rights and return some seized property and restore churches, monasteries and synagogues.


Note – U.S. Commission Objects to Converting Hagia Sophia Back Into Mosque Again

They stole the Hagia Sophia to begin with…

  • Frau Katze

    Just yesterday, the Turkish govt was whining about Islamophobia again.

  • chayisun

    As soon as these turkeys join the “European union” they will quickly forget about the 1% of non muslims and encourage islamists to go back to what they do best, terrorize and destroy.
    Wonderful cult they have there in turkeyland.

  • Solo712

    The Turks did not “steal” Hagia Sophia. They won it in a war with a corrupt and crumbling Christian empire. Lest we forget !

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      Let us not forget that the Byzantine Empire crumbled and Constantinople was surrounded on all sides prior to the 1430’s.

      Even in the 1390’s the Turks made it into Europe but Constantinople became surrounded and was for the most part a city-state by that time.

    • edlancey

      Just like Israel “won” Jerusalem in 1967 when they thrashed the Fakestinians.

      Funny how that part gets forgotten.

    • Freedom

      Who cares lets take it back. 🙂

  • Pete_Brewster

    And who, pray, are they trying to fool? It’s a capital offense in north Korea to preach the Gospel, buy Pyongyang has churches too.

    It’s not as if the EU tolerate Christianity any more than they can help themselves.

    • Nathaniel Feldman

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  • Blacksmith

    Turkey is an islamist SHITHOLE! Anyone that believes the fable of a secular govt in Turkey needs a reality check!