Turkey: Dog rape suspect controversially freed by animal-abasing judge

A suspect of raping a dog was acquitted of all charges Dec. 30 in a trial that drew much attention after its judge abased the animal who was the victim of the violence, calling her “a mongrel,” prompting a social media campaign.

The verdict may trigger more outcry as the defendant, identified only as H.Y., was not present at the hearing, which was largely attended by animal rights groups, nongovernmental organizations, lawyers representing various bars, as well as main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) lawmakers Melda Onur and Mahmut Tanal.

The suspect, who was facing between 10 months and four years in jail for the crime, had denied all accusations of sexual abuse during the eventful first hearing, despite video evidence collected by security cameras.

Stressing that the footage was widely spread on the Internet, activists denounced the verdict as the “reflection into justice of the state’s patriarchal policies legitimizing rape.”

“The fact that the living creature victimized in the case is not a human does not change the fact that it is a crime. [Animal rape] is a reality that has long been silenced in Turkey, but [the verdict] proves the mindset that exposes not the rapist, but the victim, persists,” the statement said…

  • Cripes.

  • MRHapla

    Third World Problem.

    • Maggat

      Yes, but it would be nice if it where confined to the third world, unfortunately it’s not. It’s coming soon to a Canada near you.

  • The problem with Islam as a religion is that it fails to teach people how to restrain their lowest impulses. The function of any bona fide spiritual discipline is to help people learn to rise up to their highest level. Islam on the contrary keeps them down, low down, on the spiritual scale.

    • Alain

      That is because it is NOT a religion in the true sense.

  • ontario john

    Shortage of goats in Turkey? Is there anything the religion of peace won’t do.

    • cmh

      goats are just the same old, boring thing….. gotta ramp up the experience

  • Linda1000

    Now there is one creep who deserves to have his head chopped off. My biased assumption is the perp is a male rapist and I really don’t care.

  • simus1

    This is pure harassment of the er – dogan – ites and must be stopped at once.

    Wonder if the judge still insisted on a customary gift from the perp, even though it seems likely they have at lot in common.

  • cmh

    a turkey raping a dog? It’s not clear so I gotta ask…is he a muslim turkey?????

  • Maggat

    Imagine a blood hound and a turkey. The wattles would surely be flying!