Sydney Muslim Siege Killer Wanted to Start “Hezbollah Australia”

The spine-tingling revelations came as former friends helped paint a frightening portrait of the Lindt Café gunman.

They said Monis planned to establish a political party called Hezbollah Australia and once converted a large Campsie warehouse into a prayer hall where Muslim leaders issued Fatwas.

  • Minicapt

    Just a standard issue wanna-be Mohammedan cleric. Thus far I’ve seen nothing out of the ordinary.


  • Jack Dwyer

    As for the money, probably from Centrelink fraud as much as from other more shadowy sources… Maybe even Government multicultural grants…!

    • All of the above – plus defended freely (except to the taxpayer) by Legal Aid and generously treated and liberated again and again and again by an obviously islamophile judiciary

  • cmh

    what do you mean ‘probably’? of course he already has