Muslim jailed for 35 years for ‘brutal’ murders in Haringey woods and parks

The Turkish killer who murdered two elderly men and attacked another five strangers with a wooden “caveman’s club” while stalking parks and woods near his Hornsey home was jailed for at least 35 years today.

The court had earlier heard how he had stalked green spaces near his home while wearing a pair of gloves emblazoned with a skull and cross bones. The gloves would later help identify him after he was caught on CCTV wearing them. His surviving victims also picked him out of ID parades and DNA and blood samples were found on his trainers.

The court heard none of the victims were robbed – even though Mr Parsons had £750 cash in his back pocket – or had items demanded from them, and there was no sexual motivation behind the attacks.

It was revealed that Koc has already served time for knife possession in 2008 and burglary in 2007, and has 18 previous convictions in all.

So robbery was never a motive…