Lone child migrants to Sweden double in 2014

A total of 81,300 people found refuge in Sweden in 2014, a jump of almost 50 percent from the 54,300 in 2013.

Among the refugees, 7,000 were children arriving without their families – almost double the figure from the previous year.

A law change that came into effect last January means that the unaccompanied minors can be sent to any municipality in the country, regardless of whether the municipalities want them or not.

Some consider the influx to be problematic, including Patric Åberg of the city council in southern Sweden’s Östra Göinge.

“We have taken in unaccompanied minors since 2011, but the problem is that the municipalities taking in many of them have to take in even more – and we think it’s devastating,” he told the TT news agency.

He says that his municipality simply doesn’t have the room to house so many children, and that other parts of Sweden should step up and take their share.

The municipality has requested an official court inquest into the matter…

The article does not say anything about their ages (from the ridiculously leftist Local), but I suspect they are at the upper end — and are not considered “children” in their home countries.

The word is out that Sweden is taking everyone who shows up and they can expect many more of all ages. Note that many Sweden calls “refugees” do not even meet the UN criteria.