“Libyan School” In Calgary Teaches “The Treachery Of The Jews” To 6th Graders

I know you’re thrilled by Canada’s dedication to multiculturalism so prepare to be enriched!

The Libyan School in Calgary has an interesting curriculum for it’s 6th graders, a section of Koran study dedicated to the treachery of the Jews.

Here’s a link to the curriculum document.

From the highlighted Arabic in the jpeg above:

القرآن الكريم
– السيرة النبوية
غدر اليهود وتطهير المدينة منهم

The Arabic translates as:
Koran Worship – Biography of the Prophet
Treachery of the Jews and purge the city of them


Now in Canada we’re supposed to go beyond mere acceptance and in fact approve the quaint Muslim custom of rabid Jew Hate, because that’s what multiculturalism is all about in our fair nation.

But when is enough enough? Is it ever enough?

What I don’t know is whether this school is licensed by Alberta’s ministry of education.  The Libya School lists its physical address as 509 – 32 Avenue NE Calgary AB T2E 2H3. The same address as Calgary’s George P. Vanier School. I assume they rent the space from the board, and with its hearty approval I bet, diversity being our strength and all.

Below is the curriculum document, saved for posterity.

Treachery of the Jews – Grade_6_Part1_upto Dec14_2014

  • Exile1981

    There is a huge islamic school in calgary on barlow just south of the airport – north of 32nd ave. Across the street from the A&W.

    • Do you have a name?

      • Exile1981

        Something or other islamic institute; I can’t remember. It is in a converted warehouse, thick concrete walls, no windows. Heavy fencing around the school yard. Looks more like a military instillation that a school. Back in 2006/7 they did a huge reno to the school and grounds that involved digging a huge hole in the school grounds and placing concrete culverts everywhere under the field. I had a client who’s office overlooked the yard and he used to comment about the earthworks and reported it to the police but nothing was ever done about it. It looked to me like they had square concrete storm culvert going to 4 locations on the school grounds.

        Not small culvert either; from the window down the street it looked like 5 or 6 foot across if they were 10 foot long sections.

        • Linda1000

          What would be the purpose of digging up the school grounds and putting in culverts? There are many private or charter schools (if that’s what they are called) catering to muslims in Calgary and I would assume elsewhere in Alberta, like Edmonton. Who knows what they are teaching in them?

          • Exile1981

            Legitimate uses
            – Drainage
            – Electrical and plumbing access to outbuildings
            – Steam tunnels
            – Storm shelter

            Other uses
            – Underground facility
            – secret storage
            – escape tunnels

          • simus1

            There should be a building permit application and approval on file with the city which would explain the project. If not, maybe the mayor is “aware” that here is no need.

          • Exile1981

            project predates the project and the city of calgary does not allow average people to access building permits for other peoples projects.

          • veryextremelytrue

            This has happened a lot in Islamic Schools in North America. There is very much evidence and proof.

        • Frau Katze

          That sounds bizarre, even frightening.

      • Exile1981

        Found it on line http://www.calgaryislamicschool.com/about-us/contact/

        the Calgary Islamic School – the Akram Jooma campus

        Just found out Turdeau has visited this school/learning center https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qc_H5ljUOtw

        and the RCMP have hosted several info sessions on joining the rcmp there as well.

        • Frau Katze

          Figures Turdeau would have visited.

        • Thanks I will look into it.

  • Exile1981

    It is no surprise that a school is teaching this sort of curriculum; look at how many young men from Calgary went and joined ISIS.

    • Nothing surprises me anymore about Islam and I am numb to Ottawa’s perfidy.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Of course it does. It’s a Muslim school.

  • Will the Canadian media do anything with this?

  • Ron MacDonald

    Those responsible for this should be charged with inciting hatred.

    • We’ll get charged for Islamophobia for reporting it.

  • Edubeat

    For any school to teach such inflammatory curriculums is totally unacceptable.
    Ministry of Edu inspectors should be sent to audit both its curriculums and finances to find out who is funding it..

    • Oh they’ll get more government money now. On account of our Islamophobia.

      • veryextremelytrue

        Thank you for your tax dollars 🙂

  • vladtepesblog
    • Yes I remember this very well.

      • vladtepesblog

        I think one of the great problems of the people of the democratic world, is the inability to understand where isolated incidents become clearly a policy. This was true for incursions of basic rights against the English minorities in Quebec and we see it now in spades with Islam.

        This is an example of a policy and not a single outrage which has nothing to do with islamic thought overall. We need to make this generally known which is very difficult as we are fighting the giant publicly funded media and our own governments.

        You know all this, but somethings are worth repeating.

        • Ottawa needs to be cleaned out, none of the traditional parties can be trusted and the bureaucracy is traitorous.

          • vladtepesblog

            Did I get that from you? I would dearly like the back story on this one.

          • Horrible.

  • Morticiaa

    Yup and is anyone sending this information to the disgusting alberta government that allows this crackpot school to continue with this type of curriculum
    Last time I brought this up in the legislature via my MLA not one thing was done to create legislation to supervise and make accountable these crackpot barbarian immigrant lunatics that perpetuate hate through our public education system. Tax payers need a say and furthermore whether private or not they still get public money
    Where are your shrivelled up balls mr prentice?
    These charter schools need supervision and harsh warnings of prosecution if they continue…
    I was told by the Alberta Ministry higher up admin people that they
    Are aware of the crap these schools indoctrinate their students with but how they get around it, is by teaching the curriculum and then after the allocated hours, they bring out all their hate literature
    Ho hum
    Another disgusting situation that no gov elected in alberta has the fucking decency or courage to deal with appropriately. Big surprise

    • We need to wrest control for immigration policy away from the bureaucracy and politicians, very simply they cannot be trusted to act in the nation’s best interests. Mass immigration is a Ponzi scheme, mass Muslim immigration is cultural suicide. The TFW program is only the tip of the iceberg.

  • minuteman

    In Oshawa Ontario, the city I call home, a new shiny mosque was built in a prime location just south of down town about two years ago, and a mothballed public school just reopened as an Islamic private school a few blocks away. Luckily this isn’t really in my neighbourhood, but it’s getting awfully close

  • Denis George Miller

    hate speech laws only apply if you are Christian or Jewish. Not to the poor little brains of the islamic terrorist gaggle.