“Libyan School” In Calgary Teaches “The Treachery Of The Jews” To 6th Graders

I know you’re thrilled by Canada’s dedication to multiculturalism so prepare to be enriched!

The Libyan School in Calgary has an interesting curriculum for it’s 6th graders, a section of Koran study dedicated to the treachery of the Jews.

Here’s a link to the curriculum document.

From the highlighted Arabic in the jpeg above:

القرآن الكريم
– السيرة النبوية
غدر اليهود وتطهير المدينة منهم

The Arabic translates as:
Koran Worship – Biography of the Prophet
Treachery of the Jews and purge the city of them


Now in Canada we’re supposed to go beyond mere acceptance and in fact approve the quaint Muslim custom of rabid Jew Hate, because that’s what multiculturalism is all about in our fair nation.

But when is enough enough? Is it ever enough?

What I don’t know is whether this school is licensed by Alberta’s ministry of education.  The Libya School lists its physical address as 509 – 32 Avenue NE Calgary AB T2E 2H3. The same address as Calgary’s George P. Vanier School. I assume they rent the space from the board, and with its hearty approval I bet, diversity being our strength and all.

Below is the curriculum document, saved for posterity.

Treachery of the Jews – Grade_6_Part1_upto Dec14_2014