‘Jesus Was the First Palestinian Fedayeen’

Picture from Honest Reporting Canada, October 2013: ‘Writing in the Toronto Star on October 20, Ken Gallinger, dubbed an “ethically speaking columnist,” wrote the following non-sequitur statement: “Why are ‘good’ Christians so irredeemably more racist than their cousins outside the church? Incidentally, Jesus, the Palestinian, didn’t have blue eyes”.’

A number of Arab media outlets recently published an extended harangue on how evil Jews are.

Dr. Mustafa Yusuf Leddawi, who lives in Gaza, used the holiday season to say that Jewish rabbis hate Christmas and Christians. How can it be any other way, since the Jews persecuted and crucified Jesus? Not only that, but he informs us that Jews tortured early Christians with iron combs, ripped out their limbs, gouged out their eyes, and cut off their tongues.

Christians, we are told, know about how much Jews hate them, and about how Jews murder their children to get blood for their matzoh. Even today, Jews are stopping Christians from getting to Bethlehem to celebrate Christmas!

There are root causes, of course.

“Jews today are not happy and elated, but they [are] angry and disgruntled and envious and disgusted, and Christians of all denominations know it,” Leddawi says. “Jews do not give up their habits, they do not like the goodness of others, nor hopefulness in others.”

But some Jews are happy during Christmas season. These are the greedy Jewish businessmen who take advantage of this holiday to earn more money, and sell a lot of products, and take advantage of tourist traffic – renting out their Jew hotels, and promoting their Jew goods, and increasing the income of their airlines, greedy and insatiable, and with their greedy monopolies, and seamy exploitation and ill-treatment of gentiles – reflecting their ugly habits that have caused enlightened Europeans who suffered under these Jews and complained of their behavior, and have tasted the bitterness of Jewish treachery…

The article notes that one outlet was based in Sweden.