Holland: 60 percent feel “threatened” by Islam, only 5 percent open to having contact with Muslims

The study also reveals that there is hardly any difference between Christians and non-churchgoers. Both are equally negative about Islam.”

  • Blacksmith

    Is Europe starting to wake up? Is there hope? I don’t know it is to early to tell.

    • winniec

      The politicians will have to pay attention. When you say ‘wake up’, it doesn’t mean they have read a book or article about jihad. We need informed people who understand the flimsy basis of Islam which was fabricated by the caliphs, rather than by Mohammed who is just a name without historicity.

      • Blacksmith

        WHAT? islam is a made up religion? Say it isn’t so….
        Seriously though, I am with you. I have bugged some of me politicians so much I get a form letter response every time (“thanks for your input we are taking it into consideration”). I am not sure they will actually ‘do’ anything though. Politicians are only out for themselves for the most part and are incredibly gifted in ignoring what they don’t want to see. I hope I am wrong and my pessimism is unwarranted but in the decades I have been watching I have seen little or no change. There are a few good ones out there but they are heavily outweighed by ones who are only in it for themselves. I think it is more important to wake up the lofo’s so we can get the weight of people that will force the politicians to take notice.

        • Nathaniel Feldman

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  • pdxnag

    Expel them all. And if you cannot and will not do so then at least recognize that they are not citizens (because of their personal choice) and do not give them a vote in your own Western elections.

  • Pete_Brewster

    And yet Holland is ruled by people who refuse to make the expulsion of its Muslims a top priority. And have the gall to call democracy dead in Russia to boot.

    One day we’ll find out what Amsterdam really knows about MH17.

    Ukrayina, Allahu akbar. Nederland, Allahu akbar.