From The White Skin Is Magically Racist File: Can Mississauga’s diversity committee temper legacy of all white councils?

Mississauga is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Canada. But its city council is all white.

In an effort to make its government more reflective of its residents a unique initiative has just been introduced: a new diversity and inclusion committee that will soon begin reporting back to council.

The committee will, “Review city policies through a diversity lens to ensure they are meeting the needs of all residents in our community,” according to the mandate announced by city hall. There will be an “emphasis on improving diversity and fostering greater inclusion of all residents and stakeholders.”

On Friday, the city released a statement, inviting residents to apply to sit on the new advisory committee.


“In a way, I’m part of the problem.The city is almost 60 per cent visible minority, but members of all these diverse communities can’t get elected.”


Have visible minorities been denied the vote in Mississauga? If Mississauga is nearly 60% “Visible Minority” are the “People Of Colour” who continue to vote for whitey racists?

Are visible minorities expected to vote as a block based on the colour of a candidate’s skin rather than on a candidate’s qualifications by the race card players?  That sounds awfully much like racism to me.

Since white skinned people are a minority in Mississauga it can’t possibly be considered racist that its city council is white?  Can it?

Don’t the race card players want minorities to succeed?

  • moraywatson

    The totalitarians don’t really need Mississauga’s historic method of governance once they have their no-go zones established.

  • Allan

    And what will happen when certain visible minorities don’t want to “integrate”, but want all the rules changed in their favour? Never mind, city council will bend over backwards to accommodate them to the detriment of the rest of the citizens.

  • B Beaches

    So it is: SCREW EQUALITY FOR ALL~FIGHT FOR SPECIAL PRIVILEGES!!coz 95%of “Persons of Colour” are RACIST to WHITE people and have been ALLOWED to be RACIST with no consequences or hate crimes charges! WHITE people have made an equitable and non racist society in Canada ,(and WHITE people made Oprah a multi-billionaire and WHITE people made Obama president)and promote on merit and ignore skin colour!THIS is NOT what POC want!!WANT racist society based on skin colour!!THESE(NON WHITE) RACISTS WANT RACIST GOVERNING BASED ON SKIN COLOUR!!SHAME!!

    • Nathaniel Feldman

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      • Raymond Hietapakka

        Range Rovers are pieces of szchiddt, you fool…

        • ntt1

          he can’t drive it.. he is only 14 and his mom won’t let him.

        • Frau Katze

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  • wallyj180

    It would be easier and much cheaper to make votes for ‘diverse’ politicians worth 1.5 of a regular vote.
    Who could possibly complain?
    Besides the usual bigots/racists/haters who think that people should be treated based on the content of their character rather than the colour of their skin.

    This is so special, “emphasis on improving diversity and fostering greater inclusion of all residents and stakeholders.” You can almost feel the noose tightening while you read it.

    • Glad I do not live in Mississauga. I note one of the race baiters was not hired as a school principle, naturally this was racist so she filed a complaint.

      • Rosenmops

        Isn’t multiculturalism great? So vibrant!

      • Clausewitz

        The Peel School Board is well on it’s way to giving the TDSB a run for it’s money.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …Finnish carpenters, Italian bricklayers, Irish cops, German clockmakers, Mexican tequila brewers…all racist bastards…

  • Xavier

    The problem is the the elected city council was judged by the content of their character.

    One must be judged by melanin content, not character content.

  • Bubba Brown

    Oh goody are basketball teams and football teams gonna put more whiteys on the roster?

    • Blacksmith

      No crackers allowed cause they are racist.

    • Xavier

      I think we could make a pretty good case for sports team demographics to match the cities they represent.

      Otherwise it’s raciss, right?

  • ntt1

    If people of colour continue to disappoint the totalitarians by slavishly voting in pasty people then harsher methods are called for.
    We can start by designating people as councillors based only on their skin colour, this will allow diversity targets to be met without trifling details of democratic choice. as some degree of compulsion will be required, then draw your candidates from the criminal class who are used to working under compulsion.
    this may result in a sub par group determining the cities future so a proletarian steering committee will be needed to prevent deviance from the ideal. in order for this model to work it will be necessary to suspend all democratic functions of government until a satisfactory state of harmony is achieved.

    • kkruger71

      Not as unlikely as it should be. They keep pushing for ways to force women into positions of political power, most of those methods will be pushed for minorities too. Already happens in Federal and Provincial politics where all the parties, by demographics and/or unwritten agreements, all run ethnic candidates or all run female candidates in ridings, so no matter which party you support they will get a target person into office.

      • ntt1

        there are no two ways about it. If women who are the majority and people of colour refuse to aspire to positions of political power then coertion is the only alternative. perhaps a manditory courses in sensitivity and victimization could have some value, if that fails, it only leaves putting the boot in.

  • simus1

    Most newly arrived aspiring visible minority politicos in Mississaugastan are lacking in the financial resources and umbrella multicult bloc vote whoring pull needed for success at the polls. So they must trudge the long trail of party activist and work their way up through the layers of parties which supposedly don’t participate in municipal elections. You just have to look at how long it took to eject O’Donahue from his seat on Toronto Council, which didn’t happen for decades until his election rivals were all ethnic Portuguese. And he was a consummate ward politician when it came to voters and their needs no matter what faction they clung to.

    • OMG! You’re statement implies the Liberal and NDP parties are holding back the advancement of minorities! That’s racism!

      • simus1

        Ooops! No! No!
        It’s not true! I didn’t mean that!
        Oh god! Oh god!
        What have I done!

        • Frau Katze

          You might be sent to a re-education camp until your attitude improves.

        • Gulag for you!

  • ntt1

    If gender is now a fluid thing then why can’t we have people self identify as whatever ethnic group they are comfortable in.?
    If I am born cis-caucasiod yet self identify as an inuit woman elder why shouldn’t i be able to run for office as such and be allowed to share in the rich grant bounty there of?it is a matter of basic social justice.

    • Maggat

      Good idea, sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

    • Frau Katze

      Sounds legit to me. They keep saying “race is a social construct.”

      • G

        The instant that some head-in-the-clouds, popmous, fat-assed, judge rules that race is a social construct I am applying for treaty money as a status indian.

        I’m also going to apply for some do-nothing, paper pushing imaginary work, federal public service job and I’ll sue when I don’t get it.

        Hey you elitist assholes made it the law not me! I’m just playing by the rules you wrote!

    • Xavier

      Elizabeth Warren beat you to it.

    • Clausewitz

      Worked for Fauxcahontas down in Massachusetts.

  • Blacksmith

    Okay I have been to Mississauga, I want to know what language they are going to hold the meetings is since there are so many different ethnic groups and if memory serves their English sucks.

    • ntt1

      there is always esperanto, the language of peace

  • marty_p

    Wow am I ever glad I live in NON Racist Richmond Hill where we have 2 Chinese councilors out of the 9 members of Council. We had a diverse electoral slate for Council for during the latest municipal election and every one had an equal opportunity to be elected. The voters voted for who they wanted.

    In Mississauga the voters also exercised their electoral rights and voted for their candidate of choice. Considering the demographics of Mississauga (40% “South Asian”), obviously many non-whites voted for white Christian candidates (as demonstrated by the electoral outcome).

    As such I can only conclude in typical Toronto Star (and Crescent) fashion, they are attempting to create an issue where none exists.

    What’s next – Rosedale and Forest Hill are occupied by racists because so few visible minorities live there?

    • jayme

      Kanata Lakes which is like Rosedale the left has a issue with they claim there are to many whites there quote they love to use Kanata Lakes home of the white elites.

  • jayme

    Wait until march/apr your going to see a real push to make sure more minorities elected next fall.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir
    • Minicapt

      The Star is safe; they have Haroun the Maroon in their office.