From The White Skin Is Magically Racist File: Can Mississauga’s diversity committee temper legacy of all white councils?

Mississauga is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Canada. But its city council is all white.

In an effort to make its government more reflective of its residents a unique initiative has just been introduced: a new diversity and inclusion committee that will soon begin reporting back to council.

The committee will, “Review city policies through a diversity lens to ensure they are meeting the needs of all residents in our community,” according to the mandate announced by city hall. There will be an “emphasis on improving diversity and fostering greater inclusion of all residents and stakeholders.”

On Friday, the city released a statement, inviting residents to apply to sit on the new advisory committee.


“In a way, I’m part of the problem.The city is almost 60 per cent visible minority, but members of all these diverse communities can’t get elected.”


Have visible minorities been denied the vote in Mississauga? If Mississauga is nearly 60% “Visible Minority” are the “People Of Colour” who continue to vote for whitey racists?

Are visible minorities expected to vote as a block based on the colour of a candidate’s skin rather than on a candidate’s qualifications by the race card players?  That sounds awfully much like racism to me.

Since white skinned people are a minority in Mississauga it can’t possibly be considered racist that its city council is white?  Can it?

Don’t the race card players want minorities to succeed?