Baird concerned over Palestinian Authority’s ‘dangerous’ actions

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas signed onto the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Wednesday, signalling a move to seek a legal remedy in place of peace talks with Israel, which have repeatedly broken down.

“We’ve tried every possibility to reach a solution with the Israelis and we’ve spent 20 years of negotiations that didn’t end their occupation over us. So now we have taken a peaceful, legal option to internationalize this conflict,” senior Palestinian official Mohammed Shtayyeh told Reuters.

The move gives the ICC jurisdiction over crimes committed on Palestinian lands, which could lead to war crimes cases being brought against Israel.

“Such a provocative decision only furthers the divide between Palestinians and Israelis, and will carry unfortunate consequences,” Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said in a statement Thursday. “Canada has expressed these concerns directly to the Palestinian Authority for nearly four years now.”

  • cmh

    Baird isn’t a PA supporter…he’s a Muslim Brotherhood supporter. I get the feeling he needs a little direction from the knowledgeable people of Canada. Write him, let him know.

  • Jay Currie

    A betting man would put good money on the Israelis having a stack of files ready to charge Hamas (and the PA) with actual war crimes. That unprovoked killing of teenagers or jolly let’s fire several thousand Rockets from civilian areas thing – as well as putting your headquarters under a hospital and using ambulances to transport gunmen are picture perfect war crimes.

    Going to law with Israel is one more demonstration of the benefit of cousin marriage. Collectively the Palis are not very bright.

    • Blacksmith

      The problem is the UN are avowed leftist and anti Semites, they will ignore, and obfuscate any evidence from Israel in favor of the palestinians.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        The ICC is independent of the UN, and it has shown great reluctance to sully itself with political matters. If the PA can’t come to court with clean hands, the judges will look to get out of this matter rather than destroy the court’s credibility.

        • Blacksmith

          I hope you are right, I know they are a separate entity but it seems the UN infests everything, they are like roaches in more than one way.

  • b_marco

    … there’s a guy who isn’t getting enough sleep.

    • Pete_Brewster

      Well, all that Ukrainian beefcake is tiring to get through.

      • b_marco

        … a subject on which I suspect your commentary carries uncharacteristic authority 😉

    • cmh

      i thought i was the only one who noticed that….lol

  • Blacksmith

    “We’ve tried every possibility to reach a solution with the Israelis”
    Actually no you haven’t, you have spent decades denying every overture of peace and said no to every proposal.
    You are a typical lying islamist.

  • Alain

    But is the government concerned enough to stop funding them? Cut the funding until they decide to behave like civilised people.

  • Achmed

    He will be gone when Justin become Prime Minister.

    As our imam says, “vote early and vote often!”