Abandoned migrant invader ship reaches Italy

Migrants Invaders smile after disembarking from the Sierra Leone-flagged vessel Ezadeen at Corigliano Calabro harbour (Reuters)

A ship abandoned by its crew off Italy with 360 migrants invaders on board has arrived at the Italian port of Corigliano Calabro, the coastguard says.

Earlier, rescuers boarded the Ezadeen after a passenger an invader raised the alarm as it drifted in the Mediterranean.

The ship, sailing under the flag of Sierra Leone, lost power in rough seas off the south-east coast of Italy.

A total of 796 migrants invaders were rescued from another ship found abandoned without any crew earlier in the week.

Italy’s coastguard tweeted to say the Ezadeen had arrived into port shortly before 23:00 local time (22:00 GMT).

The coastguard commander in Corigliano Calabro, Francesco Perrotti, told the BBC all the migrants invaders on board were from Syria…

  • Brett_McS

    I presume that the crew abandoning the ship when it gets close enough is part of the strategy.

  • In the media, here in Europe, this episode is presented with a PC tone of compassion, as if the migrants are innocent babes. There is no reflection on the fact that they are illegal, i.e. breaking our laws, and that they represent a long term (or not so long term) danger to our society, both individually and cumulatively, especially since they are all Moslem and Islam has world conquest in mind.

  • BillyHW

    Muslims bring their wars with them.

  • 4

    Give them a week they will be climbing into the back of trucks at Calais.