Why We Fight Islam

Muslims believing in jihad are neither extremists, nor a minority. Muslims believing in the obligation to wage jihad to fulfill their religious duty are following mainstream fundamentals of Islam as it is clearly written unambiguously and repeatedly in the Quran and Mohammed’s equally holy life story, the Hadiths. 75 percent of the roughly 56 million Muslims living in Europe believe that the Quran must be taken literal and 65 percent think that the Sharia is more important than democratic laws. 80 percent of young Turks in Holland believe that Jihad against non-Muslims is fine. 27 percent of all French youth and 14 percent of all British youths – presumably including the vast majority of young Muslims in these countries – support the Islamic State. What do these numbers mean?

  • mauser 98

    …sorta related

    “Multiple sources in Iraq have reported that ISIS fighters in Mosul have
    contracted the Ebola virus, although the reports have not been
    officially confirmed.”


  • Savages – this is what really drives them, their lust for rape, for pedophilia, for robbery, for killing, etc. This is what Muhammed wanted for himself, and what he attracted others with.

    • winniec

      Yes, tribal savages, racist, tribal savages with a sense of self-pitying, aggrieved, rage-filled entitlement.
      Islam actually has no ethical rules that may not be conveniently ignored during jihad. The ends justify the means. And that is very bad news for the rest of us. Muslims are all timebombs.

  • winniec

    The opinion survey percentages reveal that a strong minority and sometimes a strong majority of Muslims worldwide believe in most or all the backward ideas of this Bronze Age Death Cult and that under their placid surface, most Muslims are EXTREMELY hostile to modernity.