Western Reaction to Jihad in 2014: Looking at Everything but Islam

Mark Steyn visited with Brian Lilley on SunTV to discuss the year in jihad in Canada and beyond. Interestingly, one common theme of the year was how western governments and media insisted upon ignoring the ideology of Islam as being causal, even as the bodies piled up. Even when jihadists declared that following Islam was their motivation, the politically correct voices of the west insisted the perp was mentally ill or disaffected from society — anything except acting according to jihadist principles.

  • winniec

    Willful ignorance allows Leftarded cultural Marxist to maintain their strategic alliance with their ‘pets’, the ‘noble savages’ whom they protect by using the convenient ‘race’ card. Of course, this is another fallacy of thought, because jihadists are just as often white converts. Western cultural Marxists are not ‘real’ Marxists, but ‘feel good’ Marxists who have never thought about the specious, irrational doctrinal basis of Marxism. Marxism claims to be objective, but is completely based on subjectivity. Cultural Marxists are all pseudointellectuals, like Justin Trudeau, a perfect example.
    Cultural Marxists believe Muslims are victims of colonialization, when in fact Muslims are history’s greatest VICTIMIZERS and COLONIZERS. Moreover, not content with colonization, Muslims eradicate the original cultures to the extent that all traces of them are removed. By inviting Muslims into stable Western democracies, Leftards have opened a Pandora’s box of woes and miseries. God give us the wisdom to de-Islamize Western democracies completely.

  • winniec

    Mentally ill people don’t want to be associated with terrorists! It give them a bad image!

  • Norman_In_New_York

    They can deny all they want, but they can’t fool all the people all the time and this is going to come back to haunt them. Hopefully, the One America News Network, based in San Diego, will have a significant impact on the media as it grows. (Yes, it has a website and a Facebook page.) Already, the Daily Kos is sounding the alarm over OANN’s emergence.

  • Islam and jihad have existed for 1,400 years, hidden by vast spaces and an inability of people to see the bigger picture.

    Only now with the internet can the people of the Philippines, Thailand, India, Russia, Western Europe and others see this Islamic bigger picture.

    Readers of this and other counter-jihad sites need to spread the word. We may be the beginning spark that awakens the population to the horrors of Islam.

    Can Islam exist in the era of the internet? I know Islam cannot stand the light of reason. All it will take is a PEGIDA movement in every country with a sizable Muslim population.