US Special Forces forced to abandon attempt to free Jordanian fighter pilot held hostage by ISIS

Two rescue missions carried out by US Special Forces to save hostages held by ISIS in Syria ended in failure last night, according to reports.

The botched operations took place in ISIS’ de facto capital city of Raqqa yesterday – with the objective being to retrieve a number of hostages being held in the jihadist stronghold in northeastern Syria.

Among the captives they hoped to save was Muadh al-Kasasbeh – the Jordanian pilot who was captured by ISIS after his plane was downed over their territory.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Why always the big deal over aerial bomb truck drivers?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Tell the magical flying carpet Jordanian army to handle it. Or blame Israel. Either one.

    • The Iraqi Ghost Army has things well in hand.

      • Doug Kursk

        the Iraqi army is useless…in their first direct contact with ISIS, they abandoned .50 cal. equipped Humvees, anti-tank guns, anti-aircraft guns, petrol haulers, bulldozers, numerous TOW carriers etc..

        It’s almost like they wanted to equip ISIS. Hmmmm…

  • BillyHW

    Why isn’t Raqqa glass yet?

  • simus1

    A more effective strategy would be to “decapitate” the the isis leadership via air strikes or lean so hard on the turks they pull down the whole house of cards. Convincing “Sultan Obama” that his present cohort of renegade mini saladins are never going to obey him and do what they are told to do seems a forlorn hope.

    • I take any mention of Coalition, Iraqi or for that matter Kurdish successes against ISIS with a grain of salt, to date I see no sign of their impending collapse.

  • DVult

    Maybe all the pilots should be fitted with suicide vests. I’d rather blow myself up and take as many of these imbeciles as possible with me rather than be captured.

    • Ed Ellison

      Carry a side arm and always save one bullet.

  • ntt1

    Not surprising .Obama has fired or retired most competent officers since Benghazi.
    all that are left are trusted syncophants

    • Freedom

      ISIS has 2 more years in the clear until America gets a real leader.