Summing Up 2014 in the Middle East – The Arab Spring hopes are a distant dream but ISIS is real.

2014 was a year in which we witnessed the continued deterioration of the modern Arab state, while in contrast, two older poitical frameworks rose in popularity.

Syria is undergoing a long and bloody process of disintegration. Assad controls about a quarter of the country, including Damascus, part of Haleb in the north, the coastal strip and the Ansari mountains where the Allawites, his non-Muslim brothers, are to be found. Two new frameworks arose on the ruins of Syria: an independent Kurdish area in the northeast and Islamic State on about 30% of Syrian land. The Kurds feel a strong connection to their Iraqi brothers and have no intentions of being under Arab domination ever again.

  • winniec

    Arab spring is actually the Muslim Brotherhood spring, but now since their intentions have been brought into the open, ‘a transnational Caliphate’, the Arab dictatorships have all found unbelievable excuses for resisting the restoration of days of caliphate that up until now they have ALL claimed were COMPLETELY GLORIOUS AND ‘TOLERANT’.
    History shows that the previous caliphates were no more ‘tolerant’ than ISIS which isn’t tolerant at all.

    ISIS is the restoration of genuine, authentic Islam’s ‘good-old-days’!

  • Pete_Brewster

    If Israel falls to Islam, Europe will be next, says he? Has he never heard of the Samson Option?

    The nations have two choices. Stand with Israel or be consumed with Amalek in nuclear fire, learning too late that their money cannot protect them from the wrath of the God of Israel.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Europe, particularly western Europe, will be next no matter what happens to Israel. These decadents have lost the will to advance its once great civilization and have given up producing children above replacement. Meanwhile, Israel’s Jewish immigration is growing, with more welcomed every year. “Even if Israel is burning, I would still come here,” said a French immigrant who arrived during last summer’s war.

      • Pete_Brewster

        Oh, Israel will do more than survive, Norman. I pray we both live to see that happy day when Jerusalem is not only the eternal capital of Israel but of all mankind, the seat of the Messiah Himself.

  • The bigger picture: Islam is a flawed blueprint for a civilization.

    When left alone, Muslims kill each other.

    Where Muslims meet non-Muslims, Muslims kill the non-Muslims.

    Islam is a total loss system.

    Either the non-Muslim world forces a reformation of Islam or nothing will change, other then the rhetoric about what is happening.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I feel that the dissolution of the Sykes-Picot boundaries, imposed arbitrarily on the people of the region, and redrawing the maps to reflect national realities would be a good thing.