Slaves of genocidal misogyny: women’s fight for survival

The image of Islamic State is the face of a terrorised girl. The weeping Yazidi child enslaved by jihadist men, the torment of a woman stripped naked as Islamists cut her throat, the decapitated body of a Christian child held by her grief-stricken father.

Islamic State’s thirst for violence is so insatiable that survivor testimonies are flooding international agencies less than a year after its reign of terror began. ­Amnesty International’s report Escape from Hell documents ­Islamic State’s burgeoning speciality: the torture of women and girls.

The UN recently disclosed survivor accounts of jihadist brutality, among them an adolescent girl who had been raped repeatedly by Islamic State soldiers before being sold at market. The caliphate has reportedly established an outlet where enslaved women and girls are fitted with price tags and sold to jihadists.