‘Miss Burchill’s musical tastes are butcher than mine…’

Mark Steyn writes:

…and I wonder how those members of Britain’s aristorockracy feel about her in her present incarnation as Fleet Street’s lone Zionist – a tough gig in an age when HarperCollins’ Scottish map-making subsidiary wipes Israel off the face of the earth to avoid offending its Arab customers.


NB: Harper Collins blinked… HarperCollins apologises for ‘offensive’ omission of Israel from atlas and promises to pulp all remaining copies

  • simus1

    …. more butch ……
    Correcting the master (if not in grammar, then in what hears good).

    • Blacksmith

      Thanks now I don’t have to say it:)

  • Blacksmith

    As to Harper Collins it amazes me that they thought no one would notice. the world has become a spineless parody of itself. You can’t appease those who want to KILL you.

  • moraywatson

    Dear Dhimimis at Harper Collins, if your customers would be offended by the placement of Israel on the maps that you publish, isn’t that ample reason to reject them as customers?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    This isn’t the first time publishers have fiddled with Middle East maps in that manner. And every time this gets thrown in their faces, they are shocked, shocked over this oversight.