Jihad Watch: Al Jazeera ‘Voice of Qatar’ publishes article praising stabbings, vehicular jihad attacks against Israeli civilians

Imagine the outcry if a publication carried an article praising attacks on “Palestinian” civilians. But the world will take little note of this, and the UN will just issue another condemnation of Israel.

“Aljazeera.net Article In Praise Of Stabbings, Vehicular Attacks And Other Forms Of Resistance: Israel Can Manufacture Advanced Missile Systems, But Cannot Protect Its Citizens From Knife Attacks,” MEMRI, December 29, 2014:

Dr. ‘Adnan Abu ‘Amer, a Palestinian journalist and Gazan university lecturer, recently devoted his regular column on Aljazirah.net to the November 18, 2014 attack on the Jerusalem synagogue and to other recent attacks in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Abu ‘Amer praised the “creativity” of the Palestinian attackers who, he said, have begun using simple weapons like knives and stones that are readily available everywhere.

Such weapons, he added, are particularly effective because they can be used by a lone attacker, and the Israeli security apparatuses are unable to stop this attacker before he strikes. According to Abu ‘Amer, the rise in stabbing attacks attests to a growing spirit of self-sacrifice in Palestinian society.


h/t Marvin

  • ontario john

    And of course our leftist media is giving non stop coverage of mohammad in Egypt the Canadian of convenience.

  • ntt1

    Given this sort of propaganda ,why is Canada wasting any time and treasure on rescuing the Canadian of convenience the Egyptians have jailed? . Jailed for spreading exactly this kind of rubbish.

    • Achmed

      Don’t you have any respect for our culture?

      You are supposed to in a multicultural country!

      • Linda1000

        You guys have to learn to stay around awhile. You can’t just collect your gov’t. cheques and run back to your hot deserts as soon as a little bit of snow appears on the ground. Allah is good in Canada just as Allah in Egypt is great after all.

        • ntt1

          the same allah that has kept their entire culture at a 7th century level, allah is incompetant

          • Linda1000

            Sheesh, I’m joking with Achmed as his posts are not meant to be taken seriously, if you have read any of his previous comments. I think even his name is supposed to be a joke like “The Goat” poster on this blog.

      • ntt1

        I have less than no respect for any islamic culture, it is pure dark barbarity. We were declared a multicultural country by turdo la doo’s daddy, a cultural marxist.Most Canadians do not agree with its premise and our population replacement by barbarians, As for muslim immigrants ,they are just forward columns of hostile occupiers .the deportations can’t start soon enough

  • Maurixio Garcia S

    Too many leaders from the Middle East,pray for violence and destruction of Israel and the West,well the West and Israel one day will react and send a clear message to them.