Jihad Watch: Al Jazeera ‘Voice of Qatar’ publishes article praising stabbings, vehicular jihad attacks against Israeli civilians

Imagine the outcry if a publication carried an article praising attacks on “Palestinian” civilians. But the world will take little note of this, and the UN will just issue another condemnation of Israel.

“Aljazeera.net Article In Praise Of Stabbings, Vehicular Attacks And Other Forms Of Resistance: Israel Can Manufacture Advanced Missile Systems, But Cannot Protect Its Citizens From Knife Attacks,” MEMRI, December 29, 2014:

Dr. ‘Adnan Abu ‘Amer, a Palestinian journalist and Gazan university lecturer, recently devoted his regular column on Aljazirah.net to the November 18, 2014 attack on the Jerusalem synagogue and to other recent attacks in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Abu ‘Amer praised the “creativity” of the Palestinian attackers who, he said, have begun using simple weapons like knives and stones that are readily available everywhere.

Such weapons, he added, are particularly effective because they can be used by a lone attacker, and the Israeli security apparatuses are unable to stop this attacker before he strikes. According to Abu ‘Amer, the rise in stabbing attacks attests to a growing spirit of self-sacrifice in Palestinian society.


h/t Marvin