Egypt border guards shoot Gaza man dead

An Egyptian army vehicle patrols along the border with the Hamas-run Gaza Strip in the divided border town of Rafah on November 4, 2014. (photo credit: AFP/Mohamed El-Sherbeny)

Egyptian soldiers firing from across the border shot dead a Palestinian man in the Gaza frontier town of Rafah on Friday, medics said, although the motive was not immediately known.

The border troops shot the 23-year-old man “in the back and the bullet settled in the heart. He died on the spot,” emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra told AFP.

The shooting was confirmed by the spokesman of the interior ministry in Gaza, Iyad al-Bazm, in a message on his Facebook page.

“A Palestinian citizen, aged 23, was killed by Egyptian army fire on the Egyptian-Palestinian border and the security agencies are investigating the incident to find out the motives,” it said…

  • Oracle9

    MSM, even JPost, are calling this man a “youth”. Anything goes to exalt the “Palesinians” – a thousand cuts. No wonder the moral universe is inverted.

    • Jay Currie

      Palis demonstrate year after year that they never grow up.

  • Mal

    Just picture the headlines had it been Israeli border guards that shot him.

    • Then people would never shut up about it. The Palestinians’ Arab brethren will not help them at all. Why isn’t CBC talking about this? Whither the truth?

  • This isn’t the first time the Egyptians have fired on the Palestinians. This incident will also not receive any serious discussion from the usual wags.

    • Mal

      None whatsoever, Mr. K.

      • And that is part of the problem.

      • Frau Katze

        It’s Ms. K.

        • Mal

          Holy smokes! What a schmuck.

    • BillyHW

      It’s only a war crime when Israel does it.

    • Mal

      Oh no! Please accept my sincere apologies, Ms. K. If it’s the only resolution I hold to this year, I must start following up through the commenter links before diving in like that.

      • Think nothing of it.

        When I assume command of the Earth, you shall be one of my lower functionaries.

        • Mal

          May that eventuality be sooner than later.

  • WalterBannon

    When do the riots start in Ferguson?

    • BillyHW

      No justice no peace!

  • chayisun

    Had to be a reason to shoot this youth of 23. I mean, when do muslims ever shoot other apparent muslims without provocation? I am assuming that these people were muslims.
    In other news, it’s snowing here.