By saying “That is not true Islam”, we tacitly acknowledge that “There is no Islamic example to boast about.”

Journalist Levent Gültekin drew attention to an important debate. As is known, anyone touching upon problems that Muslims are facing meets with the objection, “But that is not true Islam.”

I have been faced with that problem in many international meetings that I attended. For example; when one gets up and asks a question like “Why isn’t there a decent election in Iran?”, the first “local” reaction to that would be “But Iran does not practice true Islam.” Or when one asks “Why aren’t women in Saudi Arabia allowed to drive alone?”, they promptly answer, “But that is not a place where true Islam is practiced.”

When another one says, “Look at Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)”, we reply “But that is not true Islam.”

Since there is not an example that would warrant us to say “This is true Islam”, the defense “But that is not true Islam” does not carry any conviction.

h/t MFS