Bosnian Muslims in Sarejevo enter 2015 with Koran recitals, and one indicted for recruiting for Islamic State

At the Koran-fest in Sarajevo.

The United Islamic Assembly organised a Koran recital at the Cekrekci Muslihudin Mosque and great interest was shown by the Sarajevo Muslim community.

The mosque muezzin Bilal Efendic said that each year a Koran recital night was organised for the last night of the year and that the youth came together at the mosque in celebration of this.

Efendic said that during the event 30 youths who are hafizthose who have committed the entire Koran to memory – read from the Koran until late night…

Ah! This passes for “intellectual” activity in Islamic countries — memorizing the Koran.  They even have a special word for it. 

Meanwhile, Bosnian indicted over recruiting militants for Syria and Iraq: (Reuters) – A Bosnian court indicted a Muslim priest on Wednesday for recruiting people to fight for the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq, using a new law aimed at stopping people travelling to fight alongside militants in the Middle East.

Husein Bosnic, known as an unofficial leader of the ultra-conservative Salafi movement in Bosnia, was arrested in September along with four other men who were later released but who had their passports confiscated.

The indictment accused Bosnic of urging members of his community to join Islamic State militants, saying he had “publicly encouraged others to join terrorist organisations during 2013 and 2014, consciously and from a position of religious authority”…