Witnesses claim French ‘terror’ suspect was victim of police brutality

French authorities have rejected allegations that an apparent “terrorist” attack on a police station last month was a disguised case of police brutality.

According to the official version of events, a young black man, Bertrand Nzohabonayo, was shot dead after he slashed three police officers with a kitchen knife in the entrance hall to a suburban police station near Tours, in central France. The attack – the subject of an investigation by anti-terrorism police – was the first of three random incidents of violence across France in three days.

  • You let the barbarians in the front door.

    Now deal with them.

  • Minicapt

    “… out of character for a “gentle” and sporty young man who had no history of violence.”
    These days , that’s almost conclusive evidence he was the culprit as described by the police.