Why 2015 should be a great year for enemies of the West

The essence of Barack Obama’s weakness is that he does not have the mental capacity to deal with the world’s complexities. The West’s opponents know this and are likely to strike out further before he leaves office and is replaced by someone more competent

“If you thought the first two years of the second term of the Obama presidency meant bad news for the West, just wait for the remaining two. And of those two remaining years, there a good reasons why we should be particularly worried about the prospects for 2015.

First we need to take a step or two back: what exactly is it about Barack Obama that causes us such alarm and gives our enemies such comfort? In a sense the answer is quite straightforward and is often remarked upon: it’s his weakness. The trouble is that that’s not particularly helpful unless we can define precisely what kind of weakness we are talking about.

After all, the United States remains by far the most militarily powerful nation on the planet. Obama has not disbanded the Marine Corps. Nor has he shown much reluctance to use the American military to lethal effect. Far more people have been killed by drone strikes under the Obama administration than by any other government on the planet, past or present.”