UK: Veteran black broadcaster fears ‘US-style riots here’ due to ‘over-reactive’ policing­

Veteran black commentator Alex Pascall warned this week that aggressive “over-reaction” by police in London could trigger riots similar to those in America.

Mr Pascall, 78, who lives in Finsbury Park, revealed he was giving advice to families in three cases where black people have been murdered but where the police were allegedly not investigating with a “proper degree” of seriousness.

“It’s time somebody talks about this,” he added. “There’s a lot of discontent among the black community, partly due to unemployment, but you are not hearing about it. It’s the same with many national newspapers. I’ve heard that editors often don’t want to know when black people are involved.

“At the same time we are experiencing a strong right-wing shift in Britain in the run-up to the General Election”…

Diversity is not our strength! The guy sounds jealous — he wants his own crown to whip up? Excellent argument against the insanity of multiculturalism.

unnamed-12More: Fake Ads Accusing the Police of Racism Appear on London (UK) Bus Stops: Our friends across the pond are fed up with racism within their police force too, it seems. In Mile End, London, fake advertisements have popped up on bus stations accusing the police of said racism.

One poster, pictured above, states: “You’re 28 times more likely to be stopped and searched by police in London if you don’t have white skin, because we’re still really racist.” That number comes from a study undertaken by the Equality and Human Right Commission, which also included evidence that the Metropolitan police were most likely to use that power, and that only 3% of stop-and-searches actually lead to arrest.

Those are pretty startling numbers that show a disproportionate rate of racial profiling by police in London.