This Dissident Really Wants to Go Home, but China Refuses to Arrest Him

Wu’er Kaixi is on China’s most-wanted list. He believes he’s at number one, bumped up a spot after his predecessor was arrested in July 1989. But try as he might, Wu’er, a leader in the Tiananmen Square protests, can’t follow that lead.

Wu’er has attempted to turn himself in four times over the past 25 years but he hasn’t yet succeeded — he believes because China simply doesn’t want to engage in any dialogue about the Tiananmen protests and subsequent massacre.

In 2009 he flew to Macau, but didn’t make it past the airport. In 2010 he tried to enter the Chinese embassy in Toyko, but failed again. In 2013, he endeavored to get himself arrested in Hong Kong. Despite his efforts, the closest he said he has been to the Chinese regime was when he turned up at their embassy in Washington D.C. “They shut down everything — their door, their window, and then when I peeped through their window they shut down their curtains. When I tried to call them they unplugged their phone.”

h/t CGS

  • k

    Way to go Wu!

    What’s with all these out dated corporal punishment regimes?!
    Don’t you guys know!!!! THAT!!!!!!
    the peasants make you MORE WEALTHY!…
    when they can…
    buy property and…
    goodies for the children AND!!!!!!
    You can cut down on the military expenditures toooooo because…

    Take a look @ the West
    The peasants are HAPPY to be taxed on booze, cigarettes, plane flights, candy etc
    The peasants are HAPPY to fund CEO’s PAY to being 774 times more than minimum wage earners according to Forbes Magazine
    The peasants are HAPPY for Elites to be able to buy the BEST WINE from their meagre establishments
    The peasants are HAPPY to work for you without, your having to worry about them usurping your power, when, you give them a fancy title or a decent salary for cleaning your boots when they can buy an X-box for their kids

    Get with the program YO!

  • Pete_Brewster

    Some people don’t know when they’re well off.

  • Trouble in the henhouse.

    A public arrest is very bad optics, even for a government no one really penalises.

    • Frau Katze

      But he was in China, even if just Hong Kong and Macau.

      • I don’t think China wants any more heat after the protests in Hong Kong. It’s one thing if the West doesn’t care, it’s another if Hong Kong does.