Sweden: Uppsala mosque hit by firebomb attack

A mosque in Uppsala in eastern Sweden was hit in an arson attack on Thursday, the third attack in the country in the past two weeks.

“This is not Sweden, and this is not the Swedes,” Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said in response to the attacks.

The new year began in the same way as last year when swastikas were daubed on the main Stockholm mosque.

“My feeling is that this is a planned hate crime intended to intimidate a portion of the population. It is an attack on religious freedom, an attack on the whole of society and I have no option but to classify it as an act of terrorism,” said Omar Mustafa, president of the Islamic Association of Sweden.

I’d say the Swedes are rising up against their nation’s ongoing cultural suicide… and they represent a far greater segment of society than Lofven cares to admit.