Raped While Lying on Broken Glass — Welcome to the New Sweden

The Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels published a translation today of a particularly horrific culturally enriched assault that occurred in Gothenburg, Sweden. The incident took place earlier this year, but the news was sparse until the perpetrator was convicted in Gothenburg District Court.

  • Pete_Brewster

    Amazing how you never hear about this sort of thing when it actually happens outside the twisted imagination of a woman scorned.

    Probably because in most countries real rapists tend to come from among the Western world’s uninvited guests.

    • Sweden is committing suicide.

      • Maggat

        Past tense would work for me.

  • It is hard to imagine how successful political correctness has emasculated the Swedish male.

    If this happened to my wife, daughter or other female family member, I’d be hunting the SOB down.

    Where are the real men in Sweden? Are there any left?

    • They are stirring.

      • Surele Surele

        not fast eough

    • WalterBannon


  • Hard Little Machine

    This the country they fought hard to achieve. And 120,000 more Mideast ‘refugees’ on the way. Good luck.

  • Rosenmops

    The Somali rapist has already been convicted for eleven other criminal offences. As recently as 2011 he was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for attempted rape, among other things. He was released in June 2013. He is a Swedish citizen and cannot be deported to his homeland, Somalia.

    The laws can be changed. Drop this filthy arselifter out of a plane over Zoomalia after gelding him.

    • Martin B

      No laws can be changed until the Sweden Democrats win an election, by which time they will have a million more Muzz to deal with.

    • Linda1000

      Yeah, and for his latest violent rape handiwork, he gets a grand total of six years in a nice cushy Swedish jail where the “root causes” of his crimes will be discovered. /sarc

      • Maggat

        The “root cause” is simple, the disconnect between his root and his brain (if he has one).

  • Linda1000

    It’s all very fine to shake our heads in dismay about the idiot Scandi countries (at least Norway has enough sense to publish stats on the violence and rapes by muslim immigrants) but what about Canada? We already know there has been a significant increase in domestic or family violence cases in Canada and that our women’s shelters are overflowing with many immigrant women (if they manage to escape their abusive situation). Is any gov’t agency or medical association keeping stats of FGM cases, rapes, other family violence cases in Canada. If Britain with a population of 80-85 million has an average of 17,000 rape cases a year how many does Canada (34 million pop.) have with less than half of Britain’s total population. It’s not just terrorism and other criminal cases Canada should be concerned about with our out-of-control immigration. At least in many parts of the U.S., women can protect themselves with guns which is the only equalizer against a 200 lb. thug rapist or other violence. Recently, our PM Harper should be really thankful his and many other lives in parliament were saved by a fellow employee (Vickers) who happened to have his gun handy to take out the rifle-toting whack-job terrorist.

    • Linda1000

      Nicolai Sennels says:

      The statistics speak for themselves. Research suggests that 91 percent of the between 7,000 and20,000 honor killings each year are committed by Muslims. On top of this statistic come the countless cases of non-deadly honor crimes. In Britain alone, the police estimate that 17,000cases of honor-based “forced marriages, kidnappings, sexual assaults, beatings and even murders take place every year.” In Turkey, 42 percent of women are victims of physical or sexual abuse. In Morocco, the share is 82 percent. In Egypt, 99.3 percent of women have experienced sexual harassment. Etc.

    • Linda1000

      See how well restricted gun control in Canada works when nobody can shoot back at thug criminals.

      • What is needed in Sweden and in Canada are concealed carry laws.

    • socialworkersknow

      huge numbers of white women and white girls in Canada raped = media has not done their homework yet

      • Linda1000

        So “Gomessy” isn’t the only bad attacker out on our streets. I know that most social workers are required to sign or swear to a confidentiality clause in their employment contracts. Someone in the social work field needs to start leaking some info to Sun News or other media.

  • WalterBannon

    Why have her family not yet had this muslim rapist assassinated?