Muslim faith schools are causing serious divisions in society

The rise in Muslim faith schools is breeding social and racial segregation in Britain, a leading equality campaigner said today.

Matthew Taylor, chairman of the Social Integration Commission, said that the increase in faith and free schools is stifling diversity and stopping children from different races and backgrounds mixing.

He was particularly critical of Muslim faith schools because they have the least diversity.

It came after 2014 saw a string of schools criticised over ‘Trojan horse’ plots by religious extremists and failures to protect students from radical material and influences.

A report in July found there was a ‘coordinated’ campaign to introduce ‘an intolerant and aggressive Islamic ethos’ into some of the city’s schools.

  • DMB

    When I hear about faith based schools is it one of those acronyms such as a multi faith prayer rooms when in fact they are Muslim only prayer room. The problem is not so much the faith based school it is what is being taught in them or more specifically Muslim faith schools. The fact that most if not all of these Muslim faith schools teaches violent revolution to over through the state to impose Sharia Law on society is enough of a reason to shut them down. Even worse non Muslims are forced to subsidize them with their tax dollars whether they are preaching violence or not.

    I rather see a voucher system where parents of students can choose to allocate their school dollars within reasonable limits with the state setting the guidelines not this type of situation where Muslims seek out preferential treatment.

  • Islam is a cult. Allowing children to be brainwashed into the cult at taxpayer expense is not going to help.

    How many times to the Brits need to be punched in the nose about the reality of Islam before the get it? Training jihadis to kill you is not the solution.

  • ontario john

    Can’t wait until the University of Toronto opens its new islamic studies building.

    • WalterBannon

      Can’t wait until the University of Toronto looses public funding.

  • AlanUK

    All religious schools are not the same.
    Neither my wife nor I are Roman Catholics but we chose RC schools (and, for one an Anglican Cathedral School) for our children to attend.
    At the time they were the best schools around and they gave them a good, balanced, education. We allowed them to attend Mass (non Catholics were welcome but not forced to attend). The only impact was that they found it so BORING that they were never tempted to join the RC Church.
    (Please don’t take this as any slight to RC or the schools. They were, indeed first class.)

  • Pete_Brewster

    So what’s the solution? Close the Christian faith schools and force all British children into state schools where their choices will be being groomed for perversion or brainwashed by imams? Brilliant idea!

    We all know what the real problem is—Westminster’s utter refusal to control, much less reverse, Third World immigration. Treat the disease and the symptoms will treat themselves.