Latest cause of extremism: young men – debunked

In 2013, Sunrise host Andrew O’Keefe tried his hand at terrorism analysis. “The common link is not Islam,” O’Keefe claimed. “It is young men.”

O’Keefe was partially correct, as the most recent news out of Syria and Iraq reveals.

Young Sydney man Ahmed Mohammed Al-Ghazzawi is the latest Australian understood to have been killed while fighting for the Islamic State death cult.

Following his death, believed to have occurred on Boxing Day, dozens of Sydney supporters praised him on social media as a hero.

The influence of online extremist preachers is clearly playing a massive role in Islamic State recruitment. In many cases online extremists are obviously overwhelming whatever calming influences are offered by local Islamic leaders and even parents.

Young Muslim males are particularly vulnerable to online fundamentalist firebrands, who promise eternal paradise to martyrs who die in the name of Islamic State.

When it comes to a broader examination of the atrocities in Syria and Iraq, however, O’Keefe may wish to revise his theory.

While there are plenty of young men fighting for or providing assistance for Islamic State, there are also many children, parents and women. Some of the imams who generate their followers’ extremist bloodlust are middle-aged or older.

And, just like the majority of their victims, all have the common link that O’Keefe denied…

  • sonomaca

    Well, it seems to me that he got the young men part wrong, as we now see women, girls, fathers, pretty much anyone who can endure the physical rigors of travel. I have no doubt the older men and women are busy raising money to fund the enterprise.

    Oh, yes, and THEY ARE ALL MUSLIM. ALL.

    • eMan14

      Well.. you see it was all America’s fault. And the Jews… it was all the Jews fault too. Europe is evil… it’s all their fault. Canada and Australia… they are all like everyone else. It is all their fault.
      Freedom is evil. It promotes bad thoughts. It is all freedoms fault. TV is really bad. Unless it shows us what we do best. It is all TV’s fault.
      My kindergarten teacher was a kafir.. it was all her fault for teaching me the ways of the kafir. I feel un-cleansed.
      Porky Pig.. it was all his fault. He can never be halal.
      Global warming….. it makes us hot. It is all global warming’s fault.
      Islam is the religion of peace… it is hated by everyone. It is everyone’s fault, but our own.

    • Frau Katze

      Odd about that much-denied connection to Islam.

  • Pete_Brewster

    And whose idea was it, pray, to invite all these criminally disturbed young men to the civilized world?

  • Maurixio Garcia S

    One of the main reasons this country should never import Muslims,is becoming like importing terror to society in the near future.

    • sonomaca

      It was reported (second hand) to me what happened at a recent high level conference in Europe. Apparently a well-known left-wing Italian politician made a comment during his speech to the effect that, ‘Europe is going to be an Islamic continent, and the people should just get used to the idea.’ The many political, economic and cultural elites in attendance, including many Americans and presumably some Canadians, then offered loud and hearty applause!

      This is what we’re up against.

      • Linda1000

        No doubt Von Rump was there cheering along with his other EU cabal buddies. I think this is him.

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    As an aside, ISIS certainly did come up with a disgusting recipe for pancakes. They might as well have called it “Death from Within.”