Labour elite thinks Northerners are stupid, MP complains

Burlington Arcade off Piccadilly. Source says “Love it or loathe it, Oxford Street is the centre of London’s shopping scene and a major draw for its temples to retail. It also divides the two wealthy areas of Mayfair and Marylebone. The former takes its name from a fair once held here, but today it is a rarefied bastion of the exclusive, its Georgian streets and squares packed with high-class shops, galleries and businesses.”

Ed Miliband’s inner circle think people with Northern accents are stupid, a Labour MP has claimed.

Prominent Left-winger Ian Lavery said the party’s elite looked down on working-class supporters in the North.

The Wansbeck MP, a former miner, said: ‘We’ve got an elite in Westminster which quite frankly frightens me.

‘They haven’t been anywhere or done anything, and when you’ve got an accent like mine they think, “well that man doesn’t really know too much”.’

Mr Lavery, a former president of the National Union of Mineworkers who took part in the 1984-85 strike, spoke out at a conference organised by left-wing think-tank CLASS.

He said too few of the Labour hierarchy in Westminster have done manual jobs, adding: ‘Sadly there’s not enough MPs who’ve actually worked on the coalface, on the factory floor’…

The elite class won’t give up its pleasant lifestyle without a huge fight — and that includes mass immigration. They hold virtually all the cards.  The Labour Party is now the Immigrant Party.  The Conservatives are not far behind.