Immigrant Council of Ireland hit out against “racist” graffiti

RACIST GRAFFITI THAT has appeared in the Newlands Cross area of Dublin has been condemned by the Immigrant Council of Ireland.

The slogans, which carry messages about Irish ethnicity, have been described as disappointing, particularly at this time of year.


How exactly is a message about ” Protecting Irish Ethnicity” racist? The Irish are only expressing what many feel, people are fed up with unfettered immigration and diversity forced down their throats by an ideologically toxic political class. I agree with the graffiti, charges of racism are a form of blackmail designed to crush dissent.

  • Pete_Brewster

    Well, now. This is Teigland, where letting people know they’re not wanted by whatever means deemed proper is only allowed if said undesirables are Protestant.

    That’s right, Cathleen. Be as nice as you can to your new neighbours the Romanian gypsies and arselifters. Pray they put up with your shite the way your children did—the ones heading to the airport every day to wipe the filth of the Irish Free State off their feet forever, to flee German debt-peonage and the misery of having to see your face again this side of hell. Tell yourself mortgaging their inheritance to the Germans was worth it.

    Mind you in your case being an arselifter’s slag would be an improvement. Lord knows it might be the push you need to give up the drink at last.

    God save Elizabeth, by the grace of God queen of Ireland, and may all here live to see her house restored to the throne of an Ireland purged of republicans and traitors, Roman and Muslim alike.

    • Don’t you ever get tired of sounding like Oliver Cromwell’s press agent?

      When these potato-eaters get tired of Islam, will you invite them to join the Vladimir Putin Fan Club?

  • Western “liberals” use the word racist to shut up any conversation they don’t like.

    Western “liberals” are brain dead – and I’m a racist for saying it.

    Western “liberals” – your day is coming.

  • Mickey Oberman

    In my biased opinion the Irish are the Muslims of the western nations.
    They are bigoted racists who will kill each other if no one else is available.

    • Robert S Brown

      lol im irish and tend to agree,we love to fight and each other will do if there is no one else,but still the muslims need to go!!!