Female slavery the biggest honour for non-Muslim women, says jihadist

AN Australian Islamic State fighter who has been used in a propaganda video has claimed non-Muslim women are “used and abused” and should become slaves as it would be “the biggest honour for them”.

Abu Khalid, whom The Australian last year revealed was a former Melbourne man of Cambodian and Fijian ancestry and had ties to the al-Furqan Islamic centre, yesterday took to social media from the Middle East to make the claims.

Abu Khalid — who in June appeared in an Islamic State propaganda video but did not speak in it — made the comments after a non-Muslim girl asked him about his dancing abilities. “You should come to the Islamic state!” he said to the girl. “You can be a sabaya (slave), much more honour then (sic) being used and abused.”

He then told another man that non-Muslim women “know their men’s ain’t treating them well”. “Being a sabaya is the biggest honour for them And Allah knows best!”