Bad Day For Boko Haram

Nigeria: Female suicide bomber killed at army barracks and workplace accident kills 6 Muslim terrorists

A woman suicide bomber was killed as she tried to enter a military barracks in strife-torn northeast Nigeria on Wednesday, eyewitnesses said.

Soldiers opened fire on the woman, who was wearing a hijab, after she refused to be searched as she approached the barracks in Bolari, and the shots detonated the explosives belt she was wearing, according to the accounts.

She was killed immediately.

More… Hours earlier on Wednesday, witnesses said that seven people were killed when a bus exploded in a village close to Potiskum, the commercial capital of northern Yobe state.

“The bus went up in flames from multiple blasts that killed all seven men inside,” said Hambali Baidu, a resident of Maiduwa village, which lies some 60 kilometers (40 miles) from the city.

No official confirmation of the death toll has been given.

“We heard a series of explosions from the bus which went flying into the air in flames,” said Usman Haruna, another resident.

“They were no doubt Boko Haram militants on their way to carry out attacks.”

  • AlanUK

    What’s the source of the goat picture?
    It’s magnificent!

    • moraywatson

      I believe the goat’s name is Sherman. He has a brother, Panzer.

      • That’s the first double barrel goat off the production line. They need a little alignment of the front end.

        • moraywatson

          Waiting with bated breath for the anti-aircraft goat, and the intercontinental-ballistic-goat.

          • AlanUK

            Can we buy shares in the company?

          • moraywatson

            No shares, sorry. But sharia compliant goat futures are available.

  • b_marco

    May 2015 bring more bad days to Boko Haram than good. “Operation No Mercy”.. gotta love it. Happy New Years BCFers 🙂

  • ontario john

    CTV news this morning has an interview with a man from Uganda who discusses the most awful human rights abuse in Africa for the New Year. Yes, its the plight of homosexuals in Uganda where, well nobody has actually been killed. But if we stopped worrying about all those damn Christians being killed and enslaved I’m sure we would recognize the true horror which is gay rights.