Australian death cult jihadists who fought with Islamic State in Syria return to roam our streets

AUSTRALIAN death cult jihadists who fought with Islamic State in Syria before travel was banned to the region have returned home to roam our streets as free men because of a legal loophole.

More than 20 Australian terrorists, who have been militarised and brutalised, have returned from the Middle East and are now free in the community.

It is understood about half escaped any form of charges because proving what Australian jihadists have done overseas is difficult.

The government introduced new counterterrorism laws giving Foreign Minister Julie Bishop the power to ban travel to particular terrorist regions, but those who are already in the region cannot be jailed for flying there because the laws are not retroactive.

  • winniec

    A consortium of international INTELLIGENCE SPY AGENCIES should be formed to share information about DEPROGRAMMING JIHADISTS EFFECTIVELY from this mind-control DEATH CULT.
    When brain-dead jihadists learn that Islam has no historical basis and that it was created by EVIL caliphs hundreds of years after the supposed founder, they will be UNABLE to be jihadists and all but unable to practice Islam. At that point, they will be a hollow shell as far as jihad is concerned. Such deprogramming is URGENTLY needed.

    • Deprogramming is too good for them.

      • Surele Surele

        There is only one way to deal with it. I believe it’s called: don’t take any prisoners.

    • minuteman

      Screw that, just kill them or not let them back in the country.

    • Brett_McS

      Yes, and why not extend it to deprogram the entire Muslim population?

    • b_marco

      What minuteman said. Plus you’d first need to deprogram liberals for any jihadi deprogramming program to fly.Good luck with that.

    • b_marco

      You may be onto something there. I’d lock em in a room with guys like this. One way or another, one or both of them will be “deprogrammed” in short order.

  • WalterBannon

    These jihadists should be summarily executed upon return.

  • mobuyus

    If they deserved to die in Syria they deserve to die wherever they set their slimey feet.

  • Okay- who let them return?

    I thought Australia was all over this.

    • Brett_McS

      The new government introduced the law that will stop future ones returning, but law doesn’t operate retroactively – at least in Australia it doesn’t, since John Howard was treasurer (a reference which only older Australians will understand).