Aussie apologist: Has Andrew Bolt fallen into the extremists’ trap of linking Islamic State with Islam?

If we want to defeat extremism then we need to play a very careful and long game. We must not inadvertently play into the hands of extremists by giving them false credibility for fighting a supposedly holy cause.

Has columnist Andrew Bolt fallen into the extremists’ trap in his recent column?

Writing for Melbourne’s Herald Sun, Bolt called for an end to the supposed “denial of Islamic fundamentalism” and criticised the authorities for playing down Sydney hostage murderer Man Haron Monis’ religion.

Inadvertently, he may be playing into the hands of the Islamic extremists and unintentionally contributing to their objectives…

…Let’s also not fall into the trap of believing that these murderers represent a religion. They do not. Call them for what they are – murderers and not fighters for a belief. Do not give them perceived legitimacy by attaching them to a false cause…